Love Is Blind's Carlton Morton slams Kelly Chase over George Floyd comments

Love Is Blind star Carlton Morton has slammed co-star Kelly Chase for her comments following George Floyd’s death.

George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, was killed after police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for over eight minutes.

The incident has caused an uproar worldwide and Kelly took to her Instagram stories to condemn the riots that are currently occurring in the US.

In a segment shared to his Instagram, she said: ‘Black lives f**king matter, absolutely. But this weekend, the last 48 hours the riots went f**king crazy, s**tstorm.

‘What happened to George Floyd and every other coloured person if I wanna use that. I hate describing people by their [skin colour].’

Carlton, who said he has been receiving messages from fans asking why his Love Is Blind castmates haven’t been speaking up, used the video as an example.

‘EXHIBIT A: Girl every WHAT?! “COLORED???” Say that again… I don’t think I heard you right… more coming in next post,’ he started.

‘AS A BLACK MAN, and the only Black man who was around some of these people, I am DISGUSTED to log on to messages from concerned fans today who are disappointed in some of my castmates lack of posting.

Carlton continued: ‘And then we have people like THIS who still can’t get it right! And please don’t play victim. Y’all will NOT keep doing s**t behind closed doors and the fans keep following y’all antics thinking you’re good people.

‘I also have receipts from another Castmate justifying the n-word and another alleged racist. Stay tuned. Y’all picked the RIGHT N**** TODAY! Additionally, STOP TELLING US HOW TO RESPOND TO THE MURDERS OF OUR PEOPLE! ✊🏾 This is so scripted and fake.’

Carlton mentioned on his Instagram stories how he wanted to speak up as the ‘only black man on the show.’

However, Kelly has yet to respond to the backlash and her story has since disappeared from her page. has contacted reps for comment.

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