'Love & Hip Hop': Here's What Sierra Gates Says About the Status of Her Relationship With BK Brasco

From being a supporting cast member her first few seasons on the show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Sierra Gates is seemingly one of the stars that has the most screen time during this ninth season. The show features the ups-and-downs of her relationship with BK Brasco. Gates recently posted a photo with Brasco on social media that pretty much confirms their current relationship status.

Sierra Gates has been at the front of this ‘Love & Hip Hop’ season

Gates has been a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since the sixth season.

While on the show, most of Gates’ storylines have been centered on her relationship with ex-husband Shooter Gates. During the sixth season, Shooter was having an affair with Gates’ assistant, Moriah.

She began dating BK Brasco in the seventh season after she separated from Shooter. Her storylines this season involved both Shooter and BK as she had relationship problems with both. Gates and BK broke up for a period of time but got back together.

Having a much bigger role in the ninth season, this is the first season of the show in which she is a main cast member and featured in the opening credits. Gates is currently in a front-burner storyline the season due to her legal issues and her feud with her friend, Karlie Redd.

The relationship between Sierra Gates and BK Brasco

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, Gates thought that she could be pregnant by Brasco and began crying, apparently upset by the prospect.

People on social media thought that this made it clear that the two do not need to be together. One person wrote, “Sierra actually cried and practically had a panic attack at the thought of being pregnant for BK. WHY is she with that man and his spray on beard?”

Someone else said, “Sierra cried at the THOUGHT of being pregnant by BK, she shouldn’t even be with him to begin with.”

On Instagram this week, Gates seemed to put to rest and rumors that she and Brasco may no longer be together. She posted a photo of her cozying up with Brasco, captioned, “CrazyNLove❤️.” So it looks like, at least for now, the relationship is definitely still on.

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