Louise Thompson ‘living most challenging chapter’ of her life as she gives health update

Louise Thompson has shared a heartbreaking update on her mental health journey as she revealed that last week “something bad happened” which set back her PTSD recovery.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 32, has openly shared her ongoing struggle with her mental health following the birth of her son Leo, in November 2021.

During the little one’s birth, both Louise and Leo were extremely unwell, with medics fearing the pair may even die during the traumatic birth.

Thankfully both survived the ordeal, with Leo receiving specialist care in the NICU for several weeks before he was healthy enough to come home.

Shaken by the experience and her terrifying brush with death, Louise has been plagued by depression, anxiety and memories of the trauma in the months that have followed – and in an update shared on Saturday, she revealed she still has both good and bad days.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a moving clip of the highs and lows of her life over the past few months, before revealing that last weekend something happened which soon sent her on a downward spiral after making so much progress with her recovery.

She wrote: “Does anyone else feel like they’re in season 5 of their life and the writers are making ridiculous s**t happen to keep the script interesting?

“I know Instagram is merely a snapshot of everyone’s life, but man my world has been mad. It’s just felt so messy. Medical issues have compounded every. single. month. and I’ve only just started processing the early stuff.”

Louise then explained that she had been retracing her trauma timeline alongside a therapist, which had meant she had once again come face to face with the debilitating memory of what had happened to her.

“Now that I’m going through the timeline with my trauma therapist things seem to be getting a bit harder again. Urgh,” she continued.

“She did say that things might get a bit harder before they get better, but I didn’t think that would actually apply to me. I never thought any of these problems would apply to me.”

In a direct reference to the reel she had shared, Louise then added: “In fact I even found looking over this reel a bit triggering. How can that be? It seems so silly. It’s hard to find the patience.

“To be honest if I were to create a REAL reel of the last 16 months it would be at least an hour long… there would be hospital appointments every single week, 50+ blood tests and it would be far too painful to make/watch.

“I’m just dipping my toe in to find some positive nuggets to hold close to my heart at this stage.”

In her candid post, the MIC star then continued: “Re: therapy – it’s the same, we’re really just looking at an overview… starting to scratch the surface and focus on dates of significant events (there seem to be too many) and I’m finding it hard not to deep dive.

“In terms of health… Gynaecology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and now haematology appointments, what next? That is six different departments that I’m working with every month. It’s hard to step away from health with all this going on.”

Reflecting on her health, Louise then directly related it all back to her traumatic birth experience, as she revealed she hadn’t previously suffered with symptoms like this before Leo’s arrival.

“The mad things is that I didn’t have any issues before all of this. Yes I suffered with mild inflammatory bowel disease but I didn’t need to medicate for 4 years and I’d never even got as far as steroids. Isn’t it crazy how your life can change overnight?” lamented the star.

“I mean I’m only just realising how nuts it is that last July I was told it might be better to have my colon removed. One day I’m on holiday, the next day I’m in A&E with that news. Gosh we so take our health for granted.”

She also said: "I believe that I am currently living the most challenging chapter of my life – It’s like I’ve logged onto the hard level… but hopefully, like the seasons, this level will pass. Everything always passes."

Elsewhere in her 800 word health update, Louise also confessed that she is feeling good more often these days, but added that this meant that sometimes the bad days could “feel quite amplified.”

One example given by the star touched on how a negative experience had derailed her recovery as she wrote: "Something bad happened to me last weekend which I think triggered me. I’ll go into it later.

“I just wish it was good all the time. My goal is to have a full month with no weird brain stuff happening. No drama. No flashbacks. No agitation.”


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