Life-Size Gundam Robot Replica in Japan Can Now Move Around

Okay, we’re not saying a giant robot apocalypse is upon us, but we might be suggesting it’s close … because they got one in Japan that is already taking its first steps.

Check out this 60-foot replica of an RX-78-2 Gundam robot — from the OG anime series — that they built near Tokyo … and which now moves about on its own! The Gundam is the signature piece of a factory there of the same name — and they just lived up to the hype.

The whole idea of the life-size model was to make it realistic, and one engineering feat at a time … they’re slowly (but surely) achieving that. In this clip — which is sped up at 2 and 4 times than normal — you see the Gundam walk, kneel, lift its arm and move its fingers.

It can even open its eyes and turn its head!!! Honestly, it’s an amazing achievement.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gundam — it’s basically the template for what Transformers/Power Rangers went on to rep in the U.S. The original series kicked off in the late ’70s, and several different iterations have been made since. It’s widely popular in Japan and elsewhere around the world. There’s even other Gundam statues around Japan … but those ones don’t move.

As cool as this is … we feel obligated to tell the folks at Gundam Factory Yokohama to cool their jets (or jetpacks). We love living out childhood fantasies as much as the next guy or gal, but THIS is just inviting a full-blown robot takeover, no?!? Especially when they’re this big.

Maybe, we’ve just been watching too many movies 😅

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