Laurence Fox fumes as Sadiq Khan encourages furlough scheme extension ‘Forget the madness’

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Laurence Fox, 42, hit out at Sadiq Khan, after BBC London reported the Mayor had written to the government asking them to consider an extension of the furlough scheme, which will be scaled back as of next week. The outspoken actor suggested that instead, Sadiq should be encouraging people to “take their masks off” and “forget the hysteria”.

Try to forget the madness

Laurence Fox

The original clip from the BBC was shared by Sadiq on Twitter, who wrote alongside it: “To prevent a huge spike in unemployment the Government must extend the furlough support scheme. 

“The jobs and livelihoods of thousands of Londoners depend on it. Via @BBCLondonNews.”

Laurence retweeted the footage shared by the Mayor and fumed: “Or you could just gently encourage everyone to take their masks off, try to forget the madness that has been Covid hysteria and get on with their lives. 

“You can’t eat your cake and have it @SadiqKhan,“ he added.

Underneath the thread between the pair, fans weighed in with their opinions on the topic.

One wrote: “In my opinion, Sadiq Khan has a 0% success rate in making any valuable changes/contributions/improvements since he was appointed as Mayor of London – genuinely interested to know what I must have missed?”

A second commented: “I work in retail & masks are slowly being used less anyway. About 50% of folks who came in my store today weren’t wearing one. Still haven’t wore a mask yet, I regular encourage people to take them off if they’d be more comfortable too as long as they keep 2m away from others.” (Sic)

A third responded: “Laurence you are spot on. They should stop telling us we need to wear masks to reassure the terrified and instead tell the terrified they dont need them!!

The star has often shared his COVID-sceptic views on social media.

He recently pleaded for “this covid nightmare to end” as many remain awaiting treatment for other health conditions.

Laurence tweeted: “This COVID nightmare needs to end. 

“People now need treatment for all the other things that can harm you in this life that they have, with such good grace, furloughed their own health for. 

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“It’s time to return to life. Death isn’t going anywhere.

“No masks in schools. No social distancing in schools.

“No more projecting our mortal fear onto children who will never die from this virus.

“No telling them that if they aren’t careful they may kill their grandparents.

“No more lies. This virus is a worthy hoax. 

“Nothing more,” he finished.

It comes as the Lewis actor urged the BBC to be stripped of their license after its decision to ban the lyrics in Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia during Last Night of The Proms.

Instead, the public broadcaster chose to play the songs without singing the “racist lyrics” which prompted an outcry from furious viewers.

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