Larry Kudlow: New York Times reporting on Georgia election law an 'editorial opinion,' not a fact

Larry Kudlow slams NYT article on Georgia election law as ‘opinion’

‘Kudlow’ host reacts to CEOs railing against state election integrity push.

"Kudlow" host Larry Kudlow Wednesday slammed the New York Times for a news piece on the Georgia voting law he called an "editorial opinion, not a fact." 

LARRY KUDLOW: I invite my old friend Andrew Ross Sorkin…that his alleged news story is actually an opinion article. Put simply, many legal experts and editorial commentators do not agree with his characterization of a restrictive voting law in Georgia. So, it’s not a statement of fact, it’s not a reporter reporting, it’s the New York Times editorial page once again bleeding into its news coverage. Well, what else is new? I get that, just saying, let’s spot it for what it is. It’s an editorial opinion. It is not a fact. 

Now, the fact is, Georgia’s new law asks for some form of voter ID in order to get an absentee ballot. Let’s be clear. Thirty-six states, or roughly 72% of the states, let’s call it nearly three quarters of all the states, require some form of voter ID to vote. Not necessarily even a picture, which I personally think should be used, but just a form of voter ID. In that context, Georgia is not restrictive. The governor of Georgia, Mr. Kemp, was on this program last week saying you can be flexible, the election laws are flexible. You can provide a social security card for example, it’s not necessarily a picture. And 36 states, so don’t tell me this is more restrictive, because the bulk of the states require some kind of voter ID. 


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