Landon Clifford: Tragic Death Details Revealed; What Happened to the Late YouTube Star?

We have an update on the recent passing of Landon Clifford.

And it’s a very tragic one.

As confirmed by his wife, Camryn, earlier this week, the 19-year old YouTube star died over this past weekend after spending several days in a coma.

At the time of this sad announcement, however, little else was known about Clifford’s death.

Now, however?

“It’s a very important story to be told and it is my job to tell it, but it’s not an easy story to tell at all,” Camryn said to open a new YouTube video, prior to delving into the details behind the end of her husband’s life.

First, Camryn explained that the father of two had been struggling with anxiety and depression while living with ADHD.

Around this same time, Camryn became pregnant with their second daughter, Delilah — Camryn said her husband started falling into a deep depression.

“There was other things going on with our lives that we didn’t really talk about,” she said. “Many factors just kind of contributed to the fact that his mental health just wasn’t really great at the time.”

To help combat his struggles, Landon was prescribed medication by a psychiatrist.

These pills were addictive, prompting Landon to fall into a “vicious cycle” of taking his ADHD medication in the morning to feel joyful and productive … and then taking his anti-anxiety medication in the evening to calm down and sleep.

When the couple’s second child was born, the adjustment from one kid to two “hit us hard,” Camryn said.

In response, Camryn took a hiatus from YouTube and the pair even separated, going to stay with their families as they worked on their mental health.

Eventually, however, the pair reunited and resumed life with healthier habits; Landon, for example, only continued taking his anti-depressants and seemed to be on a path toward recovery.

But then August 13 rolled around.

After a seemingly happy and normal day, Landon’s mood took a turn for the worse that night.

He told his wife he was so sorry for all he had put her through and then said he was going to take a bath.

After he was gone for 30 minutes, Camrryn went to check on Landon — and eventually found him in the garage, having hanged himself.

She proceeded to call 911.

While an EMT had gotten Landon’s pulse at the house, he was declared brain dead on August 18, after spending days in a hospital in a coma.

Camryn noted that he had been registered as an organ donor.

“He always put others above himself,” she said, adding that Landon did not leave a note and saying: “Even in death, he was caring about people.”

“I know Landon,” Camryn said.

“I know he was not thinking rationally.

“He’s a very impulsive person. He always has been and he does things without thinking and I think he felt guilty about how everything has gone for the past year and I think he just felt like a burden and like we’d be better off without him, which is so far from the truth and I wish he would have known that.

“I am heartbroken. Collette is confused. There is no way that we’re better off without him.”

Said Camryn, fighting back tears toward the end of her viideo;

“If he knew everything that would follow after he did what he did, he wouldn’t have.

“That’s why I am here to tell his story because there are so many people out there who need to hear about what comes after.”

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