Lala Kent: I’m Pregnant! And I’m, Like, Shaking!

For weeks, Vanderpump Rules fans have been expecting an announcement from Lala Kent about her split from fiance Randall Emmett.

Instead, they just got hit with a very different kind of announcement:

Lala Kent is expecting!

“I’m like shaking right now, because I can’t believe it’s a real-life thing,” Kent told her listeners on September 2, episode of “Give Them Lala…With Randall” podcast, as she announced her pregnancy.

“I’m really emotional,” she added, growing very emotional, but making sure to qualify her emotion for fans by saying:

“Today it’s very much happy tears.

“I am so excited. I feel very maternal and motherly.”

The veteran Vanderpump Rules noted that so much change seems to be coming her way these days.

“Life is really hitting me in the face. It’s like, holy s–t, I’m turning 30. There’s something living inside of me, growing, which is in itself, like, what is this alien thing happening?” she said.

“My life is changing very quickly.

“I don’t love change, even though it’s all great things, it’s like, well, wait a minute, I’m a kid still, a kid having a kid.”

Throughout her relationship with Emmett, which began in 2018, Kent has been vocal about having children.

In April of 2019, she told Jenny McCarthy that “all I want in my whole life is to be a mama,” telliing Us Weekly a few months later:

“I talk about babies all day, I dream about babies all day. I want two! Yeah, he says he wants one, but we’re gonna have two.”

This will be the third child for Randall, who has two daughters from his first marriage.

Kent, meanwhile, also recalled on this podcast how moving it was to hear her baby’s heartbeat during a recent doctor’s appointment.

“I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and the heartbeat, you guys, I just want to hear that for the rest of my life. If I could just hear that heartbeat forever, I’m chilling,” Lala said.

“I told Randall, I’m like, ‘Whenever you’re having a hard day, you just remember the heartbeat, and you will have the best day ever.'”

AWWWW, right?

As for learning the gender of her baby? Kent has every intention of doing so.

“I don’t know how these people are like, ‘I’m gonna find out when it’s born.’ I would lose my mind,” she admitted.

Randall then added:

“We are going to know in a couple weeks, and we’ve already planned how to do the gender reveal.”

When Randall asked Lala what she would tell their child at this moment, she emphasized how she will always be there for him or her.

“Honestly, I think the one thing would be you’re safe with me. This world is gonna really try to kick your ass, but I got you, boo. I’m gonna kick its ass for you,” she said.

“As long as my kid always knows that it’s safe, I’m chilling.”

Kent and Emmett’s baby announcement comes just about two months after we learned that former Vanderpump Rules costar Stassi Schroeder is expecting her first child with fiance Beau Clark.

Earlier in the summer, co-star Scheana Shay opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage during a June episode of her “Sheananigans With Scheana Shay” podcast.

We send our very best wishes to Lala for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Congrats to her and Randall!

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