Kylie Jenner: Who Cares If I “Bullied” Some Girl! I'm HOT!

Recently, a model came forward to describe an incident in which Kylie Jenner allegedly bullied her.

According to her, Kylie was a nightmare on the set of Tyga’s music videos back during those creepy times.

Kylie has denied bullying anyone, claiming that it flat-out never happened.

But she’s also making another, less verbal statement about where people’s focus should be.

Kylie Jenner shared a jaw-dropping look at her gorgeous figure on Instagram.

Her Instagram has well over 200 million followers, and we’re sure that all eyes were glued on her flat, toned abs.

Kylie shared that she was preparing for her morning workout. The 23-year-old takes her hotness seriously.

Her gray sports bra matched her tank top.

Kylie blessed her fans by tying and knotting her outfit to expose her tantalizing torso.

Her hourglass figure is legendary, and she is clearly not taking that for granted.

Like all of the Kardashians, Kylie knows that her brand — and fortune — is inexorably tied to her body.

Don’t get us wrong by any means; we know that she would be rich no matter what.

But Kylie’s role as an influencer, makeup mogul, and more is all linked to her famous curves.

Kylie went through a famous body transformation during her teens.

While part of this was simply puberty at work, other parts seemed to be following in Khloe’s Revenge Body footsteps.

Growing up on television clearly impacted her psyche, and if all eyes were on her, Kylie would give them something to look at.

The results truly speak for themselves.

Kylie is a household name, a makeup tycoon, and — for whatever it’s worth these days — arguably still the “queen of Snapchat.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everything’s just perfect.

Model Victoria Vanna worked as a model on the set of one of Tyga’s music videos.

These were during the dark days of Kylie’s super creepy relationship with the much-older foot fetishist.

Victoria had been excited at the idea of meeting Kylie, but things did not go as she had imagined.

According to her, Kylie and her friends were looking at her while she danced and laughing.

She perceived that they were making fun of her then and there.

Why Kylie and her entourage departed in part of her fleet of fancy cars, Victoria said that they were still making fun of her.

That sounds like an awful situation … if it actually happened.

Kylie commented publicly, writing: “That never happened.”

While it is difficult for anyone to rule out a minor and (for them) forgettable moment from half a dozen years ago … lt’s consider.

It is easy to imagine how an anxious young model might feel like she’s in the spotlight upon meeting Kylie.

We are always the main characters of our own stories and memories.

A self-conscious, anxious person might easily internalize innocuous laughter as being at their expense.

You know, kind of like how you see someone wave and you wave back.

If they weren’t waving at you, you have to immediately flee the state and start over with a new name, new life.

Someone laughing at something behind you is sure going to feel like they’re laughing at you, especially if the one doing the laughing is Kylie.

Of course, that is not necessarily the case at all.

According to Victoria, Tyga’s entourage offered her words of comfort afterwards, telling her that Kylie was just insecure.

Allegedly, she was also told that Kylie was a “bitch” to everyone on set, so she should not take it personally.

Regardless, this incident from years ago doesn’t seem to be keeping Kylie down.

She looks like she’s ready to play the titular role in Hot Girl Summer 2021.

No matter what happened on that music video set, we’re sure that everyone involved has grown a lot since then.

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