Kylie Jenner Loses Lawsuit Over Lingerie!

There are two things that Kylie Jenner does very well — pose in her underwear, and make money.

That’s why it’s so surprising that Kylie just lost a ton of cash in a lawsuit related to lingerie.

The world’s youngest self-made billionaire has been accused of stealing designs from a competitor and passing them off as her own.

Given the amount of cash that Kylie has access to, it would have been easy for her to simply drag things out until the plaintiff, lace manufacturers the Klauber Brothers, were forced to concede.

But remarkably, Kylie has reached a settlement with the much, much lesser-known brand.

“PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Plaintiff Klauber Brothers, Inc. has reached a settlement agreement as to the claims against Defendants The Kylie Shop, Inc. and Kylie Jenner, Inc,” reads a legal document obtained by The Blast.

The development comes as a surprise, as it initially looked like Kylie and her legal team were gearing up for a battle.

“Defendants deny any copying, deny substantial similarity and deny that they have engaged in any copyright infringement, either directly or vicariously,” reads a document filed by Team Kylie back in earlier this year.

“Defendants otherwise lack knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief about the truth of the allegations and, on that basis, deny them.”

The Klauber Brothers are still planning to square off in court against other parties named in the suit.

But Kylie was able to bow out just a few days before mediation began by forking over an unspecified amount of cash.

It seems the Klaubers took issue with a thong sold by Kylie’s company that allegedly used one of their designs for its waistband.

Usually, Kylie in a thong is the sort of sight that elicits joy from all who lay eyes upon it, but the Klaubers see things differently.

In all likelihood, this case will have very little impact on Kylie’s finances, which is probably why she decided to just write a massive check and be done with it.

We can only hope that the situation won’t Kylie any qualms about posing in lingerie going forward.

Sure, the one stimulus package was sort of helpful, but it’s Kylie’s quarantine content that really kept this country from giving in to despair during the past six months.

If Kylizzle decides to start posing in flannels and baggy jeans, America might not survive the remainder of 2020.

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