Kyle Richards: Kendra Wilkinson Wants to Bang My Husband!

Reality TV stardom is a fickle mistress.

Sure, you can make a lot of money in a short period of time, sometimes by doing nothing more than living out your life on camera.

But what comes next? 

Well, some stars earn so much money that they’re able to coast for the rest of their days, occasionally supplementing their nest egg with sponsored content posts on social media. 

But others aren’t so keen on the idea of retiring in their thirties or forties, and so they launch a second career.

This seems to the path that Kendra Wilkinson has chosen, and bizarrely, it’s brought her into conflict with another reality star.  

In fact, this feud might develop into something just as wild as anything that Kendra experienced during her days on The Girls Next Door.

Allow us to explain:

Kendra has taken a job at a real estate firm called simply The Agency.

(We assume the founders are confident enough in their work that they have no fear of potential clients judging them harshly based on their inability to come up with a more compelling name.)

It’s great that Kendra has found a line of work that will enable her to put her charisma and name recognition to good use … but there’s one problem:

The Agency is owned by Mauricio Umansky, the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Kyle is the jealous type, and she’s keeping a close eye on her husband’s newest employee.

“Kyle’s definitely on high alert,” a source close to the situation told Life & Style.

“Kyle’s always looking over her shoulder to make sure that the women aren’t flirting with Mauricio. Now he’s gone and hired one of the Girls Next Door!” the insider continued.

Clearly, Kyle isn’t lacking in the confidence department, and she seems secure in Mauricio’s attraction to her.

After all, Richards recently posed nude at the age of 51 in celebration of Umansky’s birthday.

But Kendra is attractive, charming, and in the same line of work as Kyle’s husband.

We suppose that would be enough to make any spouse a little nervous.

Fortunately, it seems that Kyle’s concerns are without basis.

Just last month, Kendra vowed that she would never date another famous guy, and as the husband of a well-known Housewife, Mauricio probably qualifies.

Of course, Kyle could also reassure herself with the knowledge that Kendra probably has no desire to sleep her way to the top, but that might not be enough to put her mind at her ease during her husband’s late nights at the office.

Richards should also be looking on the bright side, as this is the sort of predicament that could earn her a lot more screen time on RHOBH, if it develops into any sort of serious drama.

In fact, we smell a spin-off about extra-marital dalliances at The Agency! Make it happen, Bravo!

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