Kudlow: Biden's polls have plunged faster and deeper than ever

Kudlow: Raskin will create much more inflation

FOX Business host gives his take on energy policies and fighting inflation on ‘Kudlow.’

The Quinnipiac Poll, just out today, and mind you it's a liberal-leaning poll, again shows why voters are not buying what Joe Biden and the Democrats are selling. 

Check this out. The most urgent issue for Republican voters is inflation, 36 percent; immigration, 23 percent; crime, 11 percent. 

By the way, independents show similar results. Most urgent issues: inflation, 32 percent; immigration, 10 percent — almost identical — and incidentally on public enemy number one, which is inflation, import prices in January increased 10.8 percent over the past year. That is a harbinger of higher consumer and wholesale prices in the future.  


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So, the inflation story is getting worse. Now, the most urgent issue for Democrats: climate change, 17 percent; election laws, 16 percent. Huh? Inflation, only 13 percent. 

Yesterday at his brief White House remarks on Russia and the Ukraine, he warned people that a Russian invasion could impact our energy prices, but then he said we're taking active steps to elevate the pressure on our own energy markets to offset raising prices, and he's going to coordinate with major energy consumers and producers and work with Congress. 

I don't know what any of that means. No one could possibly know what any of that means. Why? Because it doesn't mean anything. This administration has at least temporarily ruined America’s great fossil fuel industry — the world's finest. Two years ago, we were virtually energy independent, producing over 13 million MBDs per day.  

Today we're still stuck around 11 MBDs per day. Demand has recovered, but production has not. That is because from the very beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden and his far-left minions unceasingly attacked fossil fuels on a daily basis. In his first hour after inauguration, he ended the Keystone Pipeline. 

Then he went on to end ANWR drilling, willow drilling, then raised drilling fees on public lands — a constant barrage of insults. Then he nominates all kinds of climate change radicals to various agencies who then beat the drums against oil and gas. 

The latest is Sarah Bloom Raskin, whose nomination to the Fed is in trouble because she wants to subvert the central bank's mission and instead of fighting inflation, she wants to deny bank loans to fossil fuel companies. Do you know how stupid this is?  


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Suppose she succeeded. So, no bank loans to the energy companies so they go out of business. At a minimum, they stop drilling and producing and invest their money elsewhere. That means over time, the 70 percent of our energy coming from fossil fuels would disappear, and here is the key point. There is nothing to replace it. Nothing.

There is no alternative plan, just a lot of ideological nonsense on how solar and wind energy is somehow going to go from less than 5 percent to, I guess, 100 percent.  

By the way, energy prices will soar. That's the irony of Raskin at the Fed — who should be fighting inflation but who instead will create much more of it — but tens of millions of jobs will be lost, GDP will implode. There isn't a single thoughtful greenie who has mapped out an alternative energy structure. 

This is just one facet of the Biden agenda that he proclaims on a daily basis and no one else believes. No one. Now the Putin-Ukraine issue is about many things, but it should never be about energy, though we should not have removed the Nord Stream 2 sanctions, which were a gift to Putin almost a year ago. 

The fact is a healthy American fossil fuel industry would not even care about Russian oil or natural gas. That might be Europe’s problem, because of their dumb climate change policies, but it shouldn't be our problem. 


A year ago, I sat in this chair and put forward my vision of the American economy, one of optimism and faith, of supply-side economics, of free enterprise and free markets, all the best way to a prosperous America. 

I suggested that a thriving, growing America has so many marvelous opportunities that it makes a happier America. Prosperity at home means strength abroad — working folks, minorities gaining jobs and higher wages. I've always believed that the greatest welfare program of all is a good-paying job opportunity. 

I worked for the Reagan and Trump presidencies. I also wrote a book about the supply-side Democrat John F. Kennedy and my conviction today, a year after we began this program, is as strong as ever. 

Unfortunately, and I mean this sincerely, unfortunately Joe Biden has done everything in reverse. He has promoted big government socialism, inflationary spending, higher taxes, more regulations, and has immeasurably weakened this country's standing abroad.  


President Joe Biden. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

His polls have plunged faster and deeper than anyone has ever seen. It's a pity, but I do believe conservative principles are everlasting and universal. We saved America and killed the bill. Now, we'll hang tough while we wait for the calvary to come in November. 

I know self-praise is no praise, but with an enormous sense of humility, I’m grateful to still be in this chair and thankful for your support, and you know what, folks? I've had a better year than Biden has. 

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