Kristen Stewart got her hair stylist to dye her hair ‘Cosmic Rust’ in the lockdown

What’s your flavor of the week?? Ours is Cosmic Rust✨💥🧡 (that’s what I’m calling it anyways) I used Bright Copper and a couple drops of Autumn Red by @marianilastockholm I also added @incommon Cashmere Fusion (Restorative Treatment) to give my girls hair a little extra love and moisture! We left the mixture on for 30 minutes giving Kristen a 2 for 1 *color and treatment* hence the name… ✨💥🧡Cosmic Rust 🧡💥✨ #incommonbeauty #marianilastockholm #kristenstewart *To purchase @incommon Cashmere Fusion and check out all of their amazing products, hit the link in my bio!! 😘

I saw this on JustJared, and they claim that Kristen Stewart has a “brand new quarantine look.” However according to the dates on Kristen’s hairdresser’s Instagrams, this is not a NEW look. In late March, Kristen Stewart somehow got her hairstylist CJ Romero to dye her hair a weird bright orange. Romero calls the color “Cosmic Rust” and he detailed the products he used in one of the Instagrams.

Some things to discuss. One, the actual color. I’ve always thought Kristen has an interesting look, and I generally enjoy her IDGAFery with regards to her styling. That being said, her hair has been a wreck for years now. I hate that she leaves it half-bleached with long-ass dark roots and the cut is basically a mullet. The argument is that she has to do so much to her hair for work, so when she’s not working, she doesn’t touch it. But it’s looked really bad for so long, I think she just prefers it that way. The “rust” color doesn’t really add to that, and as you can see in the other IGs, it faded quickly. All that being said, I understand the urge to do some crazy dyes during the lockdown. It’s fun and you should try it! I would do my hair blue if I thought the color would take.

As for the other thing to discuss… did her hairdresser open up a salon for a private client? If so, that sucks and it’s the equivalent of Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod getting their gym to open up just for them. I’m looking at that IG carefully – at first glance, I thought it was a salon because of the mirror/shelf set-up, but as I’m looking closer, Kristen doesn’t seem to be seated in a salon chair. So maybe it is a home set-up. Which is fine, although these people should really be social-distancing, lord.

Who said you can’t be cute in quarantine!? 🧚🏻‍♂️Hair cut on @emmaroberts and Cut and Color on Kristen!! 💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♂️🧡🧡

We have each other, and we have pool. 🎱 Two pool sharks we are…❤️🤦🏽‍♂️👼🏼 #quarantinequeens

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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