Kristen Bell says she and Dax have watched Contagion three times, are fighting bad

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been open about the fact that they get into such bad arguments that they sometimes go days without talking. This wasn’t just at the beginning of their relationship before they did therapy either, this was a few months ago. So I guess it’s not surprising to hear that they’re having a tough time in lockdown. They did an Instagram live interview with Katie Couric, clips from which are below. They said that their time on camera was the closest they’ve been to each other in days because they’d been fighting and they disgust each other. When Katie asked them how they were all getting along they paused and looked at each other. They could have lied and said they were doing great or they could have just focused on their kids but instead they looked at each other and admitted it’s been bad.

Dax: We’re getting along good with the kids and we’re getting along good with adults we’re friends with. This has been stressful for mom and dad.

Kristen: We’ve been at each other’s throats real bad.

Dax: It just ended like 8 minutes ago.

Kristen: This is as physically close we’ve been to each other in the last couple days because we’ve just found each other revolting.

Dax: America’s sweetheart has some character defects.

[Dax makes noise offscreen]
Kristen: [He’s] making noises to poke me.

Maybe you need time apart in the same house
He’s too big Katie. He’s too loud and too big. He’s everywhere.

[From Instagram live via YouTube/Us Magazine]

Kristen and Dax laughed but you could tell they just got into a big fight over something. I personally could not have this kind of sniping relationship with someone, but some people do, they still love the person and it works for them. It makes me uncomfortable to be around people like that. Kids see it and think that’s normal too because they learn relationship behavior from their parents.

Speaking of that, Kristen was promoting a Nickelodeon special she recently hosted called Kids Together, which involved experts answering kids questions about the pandemic. It had celebrity appearances by Ciara and Russel Wilson, Alicia Keys, Kenan Thompson and JoJo Siwa, among others, along with everyday families and kids. You can watch it here.

Kristen spoke really eloquently to Katie about helping kids voice their feelings during this difficult time. She said that she explained the “flattening the curve” concept to her daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5, and that they understood it. Delta is working on a vaccination that’s green food coloring and water. Kristen also said they’ve watched Contagion three times this week. I hope she meant that she and Dax watched it and not their kids. No wonder they’re fighting! Don’t watch that freaking show. I haven’t seen it since it came out and do not plan to watch it again now.

Kristen is doing live storytimes throught the HelloBello Instagram account. You can see the schedule here.

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