Kristen Bell Admits Homeschooling Daughters Is Making Her ‘Absolutely Miserable’!

A couple weeks back we were worried about Kristen Bell‘s marriage. Now we’re concerned for her sanity!

During that infamous interview with Katie Couric, in which she and Dax Shepard explained they had been “at each other’s throats REAL BAD” — before essentially continuing to have the fight on camera — the one thing the couple said they felt confident in during the quarantine was their parenting.

Well, a month of homeschooling with 7-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta has completely obliterated that!

KBell brought back an at-home edition of her mini-show Momsplaining on EllenTube Wednesday with a monologue lamenting what a lot of parents have been going through:

“Of course, we’ve all come to know the two worst words in the human language: Homeschooling.”

We think it’s one word… but there probably won’t be a quiz on it. She joked:

“There are a few people that have come out victorious in this situation — germaphobes, stay-at-home moms. They’re all like, ‘I told you how f**king hard this is!’”

Ha! But hey, that was a monologue, scripted jokes, who knows if it’s how she really feels, right?

However, in her interview with special guest Ashley Graham she was being more herself — and she basically warned the new mom from having a second child!

“I had big hopes and dreams for a lot of kids, too. And then when they get here and you hear how much they talk, it’s like having all the radio stations on at one time.”

OMG! So accurate! Then there was the homeschooling talk. She complained:

“Doing schoolwork with them, it is absolutely miserable. When we started the quarantine, the first math sheet I gave my daughter, in all the answer lines she wrote, ‘No. No. No. No. No.’”

Well, that is the abbreviation for “number”? OK, we’re not helping, LOLz!

In case you still think the Good Place star is playing it up for the cameras, this isn’t the first time she’s opened up about the subject of, well, subjects. She posted this on her IG just this week:

Ouch! Those girls are revolutionaries! LOLz!

See Bell and Ashley’s full chat for more mom talk (below)!

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