Kim Petras Works with MTV, Logo, and Trans Lifeline to Help Trans Youth Update IDs

Kim Petras is partnering with MTV, LogoTV, and Trans Lifeline to bolster a new program serving transgender youth. The program will provide grant money that will allow transgender people to update their IDs to reflect their identities, just in time for the 2020 election. The campaign also raises awareness about voting access within the LGBTQ+ community, specifically for those transgender voters whose legal documents do not reflect their true identity.

“What if you couldn’t vote as the person you truly are?” the singer says in a promo video.

The video also features three microgrant recipients–Aidan, Coral, and Own–who shared their experiences of changing their IDs.

“As soon as I have to show my ID, their eye will track to the picture,” says Owen, a non-binary and transmasculine person who lives in Texas. “And then they’ll look at me, and then they’ll look at the gender marker. It’s a terrifying moment, because I have no idea how someone will react to that.”

The video also raises awareness of the issues of being misgendered or dead named, or being called the name one is given at birth rather than their chosen name.

“Going to the voting booth without an ID that matches your true identity is very uncomfortable,” says Coral, a trans femme musician based in New Orleans.

Aidan, a trans non-binary person from Connecticut, also explains their frustration. “Trans people will have to wait months, years, to fill out all these forms, pay all these fees, and do all of this extra stuff that doesn’t make any sense. … Having an ID is the first step to being able to use your voice and make that choice to make change.”

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