Kid Rock Headlines Trump Rally, Hints At ‘One Last Monster Tour’

Kid Rock campaigned for President Donald Trump at a Make America Great Again! rally with Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyl, the girlfriend of the president’s son, on Monday.

The rock star, who has been a vocal supporter of the president for years, performed for several thousand along the Clinton River in Harrison Township, Michigan.

On Instagram, Kid Rock said he has been struggling with neck issues but would not miss the rally with Trump Jr. because of his commitment to re-elect the president.

“I have been dealing with neck issues for years (from performing like I do for the past 30 years) and spent the morning at the Dr’s office getting 2 Steroid shots, one in my ass and the other in my neck, etc, etc,” Kid Rock wrote on Instagram.

“Would make sense to cancel my appearance, but NO WAY! I will be there and will give it everything I have this evening,” he added.
“That is how important getting POTUS re-elected is too me and I could care less about the continuous attacks from the left wing media, etc, that have been going on for over 4 years now. It’s the reason I have turned down countless interviews and TV appearances as I refuse to be their click bait.”

Kid Rock also announced that he is planning “one last monster tour” in 2021 and will also release new music.

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