Kendra Caldwell Tries to Assure Fans That She’s Safe … But Concerns About Her Well-Being Persist

For a while, it looked as though Kendra Caldwell was well on her way to becoming the one of most popular members of the Duggar family.

Fans loved her vibrant personality, and her crowd-pleasing social media posts earned her hundreds of thousands of followers.

But in April — just as the coronavirus pandemic was forcing lockdowns all over America — something unexpected happened:

Kendra disappeared from social media.

We probably don’t need to tell you that this was a time when millions of Americans were posting more than ever, which is part of why the situation led to concerns for Kendra’s physical and mental health.

Fans couldn’t understand why a member of a famous family who seemed to revel in her social media popularity would suddenly stop posting.

But to the surprise of many, Kendra has not posted a photo of herself in over three months.

Perhaps even more alarming is that she went almost two months without posting at all.

To be clear, it’s entirely possible that Kendra simply decided to take a break from social media.

That’s a normal and healthy decision, particularly for someone who only recently entered the public eye, and who might find the experience a bit overwhelming at times.

That said, it’s not hard to see why the sudden cessation in activity would lead some folks to the conclusion that something is amiss, particularly since Kendra previously seemed to derive so much pleasure from interacting with her followers.

So many Duggar fans were pleased when Kendra seemingly broke her silence this week by posting the above photo of son Garret and daughter Addison on the Instagram page she shares with Joe.

“Our world,” she captioned the photo, adding the hashtags: 

“#garrettdavidduggar #addisonreneeduggar #siblings”.

For the most part, fans were simply happy to receive an update on Joe and Kendra’s little ones after months of radio silence:

“Garrett looks so much like Joe. I think Addison looks like Kendra,” wrote one follower.

“Awh! He looks so much like a mini joe and she looks like a mini you!” a second echoed.

“You have the cutest little ones!” a third fan chimed in.

But of course, some folks couldn’t help themselves from speculating on the cause of Kendra’s “disappearance.”

“Can’t wait for your pregnancy announcement!” reads one of the pic’s top comments.

Yes, the leading theory on why Kendra suddenly decided to keep a low profile is that she’s pregnant with her third child, and she’s not ready to make an announcement yet.

That’s a bit of a leap, obviously, but all Duggar rumors lead to pregnancy speculation eventually.

We guess that’s not surprising, as the family has sort of made procreation their whole thing.

Hey, it’s less damaging than some of the other theories floating around out there.

Some fans were convinced that Kendra had come down with COVID-19, while others theorized that she was being punished for using to go along with Jim Bob in denouncing the coronavirus as a hoax.

Obviously, both of those hypotheses are more than a little extreme.

But then again, the Duggars follow such an extremist belief system that you can’t blame their fans and detractors from jumping to extreme conclusions.

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