Kelly Osbourne Admits She Shops In The Kids Section After 90 Lb. Weight Loss & Body Dysmorphia Battle

Kelly Osbourne has opened up about her struggle with body dysmorphia, and accepting her ‘smaller frame’ after a major weight loss.

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she’s feeling like a “whole new version” of herself after dropping 90 pounds, and is experimenting with new fashion choices. In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife the 36-year-old opened up about her body dysmorphia struggles, and learning how to dress her changed body. “I’m just starting to realize, you know how … unless you see someone in person you don’t really know what their body looks like? It was kind of like that for me in the sense that I didn’t realize how small my frame actually was,” she began.

“I fit into 12 to 13-year-olds clothing, so I have to get a lot of my t-shirts from the children’s section, and trying to find stores that have a good petite section is hard.” Kelly revealed that one of her favorite places to shop was the UK department store TopShop, however finding trousers that fit her was a struggle. “I had to cut a foot off and then if I don’t do that or find ones that are meant to be cut above the ankle then they’ll be full length on me.”

She added, “I really struggle to find things that fit me, but I also had this whole body dysmorphia thing where it was like, ‘You can’t wear a dress. You can’t shave your legs. You can’t do this.’ And I actually got styled the other day and they put me in a pink dress and I was like, ‘Oh, this is nice!’ So I’m finally leaving my little prison of you can’t wear that kind of thing and exploring my options and it’s fun.

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