Kelly Clarkson Shares Multilingual Versions Of New Track ‘I Dare You’

Kelly Clarkson has dropped her new single, “I Dare You,” which was released in English and five other languages with five native-speaking artists.

“You may not have the stage/But you still have a voice/You may not have the strength,” Clarkson sings in the song. “But if you have a choice/I dare you to love, oh, I dare you to love/Even if you hurt and you can only see the worst/Even if you think it’s not enough, I dare you to love.”

The song was written by Natalie Hemby, Laura Veltz and Ben West, while Jesse Shatkin produced the single.

Clarkson recorded the track in five other languages with artists including Faouzia (Arabic), Zaz (French), Maya Buskila (Hebrew), Blas Cantó (Spanish) and Glasperlenspiel (German).

Clarkson revealed that she got the idea to record a single in multiple languages during her pre-American Idol days as an opera singer.

“I grew up singing opera, and I got to sing in French and Italian, the Latin-based languages,” Clarkson told Jimmy Fallon during “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” last Thursday.

“I mean, when you’re a kid you want to sing Whitney Houston, right? So it wasn’t like I was like, ‘Yeah opera!'” she added. “But now I think it’s beautiful, and I thought it’d be cool one day if in my career, there was a song that kind of lent itself to that.”

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