Keke Palmer on Racial Injustice Protests: Rebellion Is Sometimes Needed for Change

Filling in a guest column for Variety, the co-host of ‘Strahan, Sara and Keke’ admits that she has been waiting for a revolution like what has been sparked by George Floyd’s death her entire life.

AceShowbizKeke Palmer is happy to be breaking the rules to campaign for racial justice because she’s been waiting a long time for “a revolution”.

The actress and singer delved into her fight for change in a guest column for Variety, revealing she once felt afraid to speak up.

“I like following rules and doing what I’m told,” Palmer wrote. “As a kid, these rules stick with you. But even at a young age, I was taught to question the things that didn’t feel right to me.”

But the 26-year-old has come to realise that rebelling against the rules is sometimes necessary.

“Sometimes, going against authority is the only remedy for change, especially when we have seen, too often, those authority figures step over the line,” she added. “So where do you draw the line? How do you know to draw the line? Is there a line?”

Her statement comes as protests following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man killed at the hands of police on May 25 in Minnesota, continue to sweep the U.S. and have also spread around the world.

And the “Hustlers” star, who has been attending recent rallies that have been held in Los Angeles, also shares that she has been waiting for a national movement like this.

“I have waited for a revolution, I believe, my entire life,” she adds. “I feel it’s like this for many millennials; messages about following rules and staying in line have since evolved into calls to stand up and get others to stand with you, to challenge authority and recognize different life experiences while gathering with others who are like-minded,” Palmer wrote.

“I truly believe that everything that has led us to this moment has prepared us for a revolution and a revelation: the dismantling and rebuilding of a system that is better, more equitable and representative of the people it claims to represent.”

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