Kathryn Gallagher Drops ‘Demos Vol. 2′ to Celebrate Her 27th Birthday!

Kathryn Gallagher has released her brand new EP, Demos Vol. 2, consisting of music that she has recorded at home while in quarantine!

The Broadway star and You actress dropped the album at midnight on Friday (July 24) after celebrating her 27th birthday on Thursday.

Kathryn took to her Instagram Stories minutes before the release to send a message to fans.

“I just wanted to take a second to thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done for me in my 26th year. Today I guess is officially my first day of being 27 and I’m really grateful for all of you for turning what could have been and what started as a really confusing, complicated, intense, tumultuous 26th year and turning it into a beautiful, wonderful, magical, surprising, and a deeply magical year,” she said.

Kathryn added that she loved that fans showed her “videos of you dancing to my music, stories about you falling in love, stories of your partners dancing to ‘I’ll Get the Coffee,’ and sharing your stories of heartbreak to Demos Vol. 1 and probably Vol. 2, let’s be real it takes a while.”

She concluded her message by saying, “I just wanted to say thank you and I love you so much. You matter to me more than you’ll ever know.”

You can download the EP now on iTunes or stream it below via Spotify. Make sure to listen to Vol. 1 as well.

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