Kate Middletons move at Easter service showed change in William relationship, says expert

Attending the Royal Family's Easter service on Sunday, Prince William and Kate Middleton showed off how they have eased into their roles of Prince and Princess of Wales says Betfair Casino's body language expert Darren Stanton.

The couple's relationship, and the way they interact with one another in public, has adapted over the years, with Darren arguing that recent changes show how secure they are in both their marriage and their royal roles.

"Following the service, Kate was the first person to emerge from the church. In recent years, Kate is often the person who leads at public events, as William is happy to stay behind and let his wife do her own thing.

"They no longer have to wait for each other, which is something they may have done in the early stages of their relationship. This shows that they are extremely secure within their relationship and positions as senior members of the Royal family.

"There’s no signs of anxiety or nerves between the two. They have clearly already grown and developed into their roles of Prince and Princess of Wales with confidence and ease."

Describing the couple's body language as "extremely relaxed and carefree", Darren added that William looked happy to be in attendance at the service.

"I noticed William’s shoulders were down and his breathing was consistent with his relaxed demeanour, which tells me he was happy to be at the event."

Darren also pointed out the royal couple's fashion choices, adding that the blue colour palette works as a signifier of comfortability in their royal roles.

He continued: "Kate wore a striking blue coat, which I often refer to as her superhero colour. She tends to wear blue when she wants to make a bold statement of appearing super confident. Although she seemed to be confident in herself, she didn’t want to take centre stage as she was with her family.

"Meanwhile, William was seen wearing a blue suit, which is a change to his normal understated clothing. While blue is a colour of confidence, it is also a calming colour that resonates communication and connection."

Reflecting on the Easter service, Darren has also given a resounding thumbs-up to Zara and Mike Tindall, arguing that the Tindalls and the Waleses could be the new "Fab Four".

Weighing in on the Tindalls recent popularity, Darren began: "Mike and Zara are definitely firm favourites with the public. They come across as extremely natural and confident within marriage.

"They also aren't afraid to joke around with each other and show public displays of affection, which comes across as completely relatable."

The expert went on to elaborate: "I definitely believe Mike's appearance on I'm a Celebrity has made the public realise that they are very much a normal couple in love. This came across as they joined the Royal family on Easter Sunday, as they smiled and joked outside the church.

"I think it's clear that they've got a great dynamic. I would probably say that Mike and Zara are clearly enjoying life as part of the new Fab Four, alongside Kate and William."


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