Kate Middleton's Family Photos Were Spotted in the Back of Her Latest Zoom

Kensington Palace just posted footage of a moving conversation Kate Middleton had with families of Armed Forces during Remembrance week in the United Kingdom—and, aside from being a touching video that’s well worth the watch, fans noticed that a bunch of her personal family photos were visible in the background.


As Cosmopolitan UK notes, the photos are (probably purposefully!) ones we’ve seen before. Let’s see, there’s a pic of Prince George laying down in the grass and grinning, which the royals released in honor of his birthday:


A cute snap of Kate and Prince Louis being all adorable and whatnot at the RHS Back to Nature Garden in May 2019:


A lovely portrait that Kate took of Princess Charlotte and Prince George on their way to school last year:


And finally, my personal favorite, an extremely thirsty photo of Prince William from a trip to Africa in September 2018.


These photos were presumably hand-picked for Kate’s Zoom (the royals definitely know how much everyone loves to analyze their photo set ups), and it doesn’t look like they included any other family members, so no need to spiral over them “excluding” people, internet!

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