Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn & Rani Rose cover People’s Most Beautiful issue

Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Rani Rose Fujikawa cover People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue. Three generations of Hawn girls, I guess? I’m not mad about it, but that’s because I honestly like Kate and I’m happy that she finally “got the girl.” Kate’s sons Ryder (16) and Bing (8) are fine and I’m sure Kate adores her boys. But she just seems so content now that she has a daughter. Goldie is beyond pleased with her new granddaughter too! Some highlights from the cover story:

Goldie on Rani: “When your daughter has a daughter, it’s a big deal,” said Goldie, 74, noting that Kate had posed for the cover of the issue in 2008. “I mean, it really is.” Kate: “And now with little Rani Rose. I was so excited. The third generation.”

Kate on the lockdown: “It’s definitely an interesting time for reflecting on what is truly important.”

Goldie is isolating with Kurt: Goldie, 74, now isolating with her partner of 37 years, Kurt Russell, 69, says getting through the crisis has meant focusing on “meditation, nurturing, loving kindness for all in my heart and staying safe inside.”

Kate on her mom: “My mom gave me the floor to be able to feel confident enough to go out and feel like my life could be my own. Mom was my greatest cheerleader. And it just made me think about Rani…going, ‘I hope I give her that kind of confidence,’ you know?” Goldie’s 37-year relationship with Kurt Russell has also inspired Kate. “To live up to that is really the goal,” she said. “Just the fact that they’ve been able to maintain a unit for all of us, in times of turmoil, they really are the center of all of our lives.”

Goldie on Kurt: “When you have your children and you have a man who loves your children, that’s a very tough bond.”

Kate on Goldie’s best advice: “Mom always said to me, ‘Don’t you ever let a man dim your light.’ So I’ve never defined myself through the way a man sees me, but I can define myself in the unit that we can create together. That is what Mom gave to me.”

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I actually think Kate has managed to live her life with all of her men never dimming her light? She liked to date rockers and such, but she always maintained her own separate identity. The closest she came to really “changing” for a man and perhaps dimming her light was when she dated Alex Rodriguez. I feel like he gets off on making women change for him. But that was over quickly. Also, I know there are always a handful of weird rumors about Goldie and Kurt, but I still love them together. I imagine they have a hell of a lot of fun together. And Kate and Oliver Hudson still completely adore Kurt and treat him like their dad.

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