Kate Gosselin Shares Ultra-Rare Photo of Son Aaden

Just as she discourages the kids from contacting their dad, Kate Gosselin rarely gives fans a glimpse at her kids unless she’s monetizing it through reality TV.

But this week, Kate allowed for a rare exception to mark a very special milestone.

“Braces are a thing of the past in this house!” Kate Gosselin announced on Instagram this week.

“FINALLY!” she expressed. “Yay us!”

The controversial former reality star then shared a rare photo of her son, Aaden.

Aaden is sixteen years old. Can you believe it? (Seriously, is anyone else feeling super old?)

Here, he shows off an array of treats that he was likely forbidden from consuming when he had braces.

Nothing makes you miss a delicious food like going years without it.

Aaden is not simply done with braces himself.

His milestone is also a household milestone.

All of the children who are still in Kate’s clutches are now braces-free.

Kate Plus 8 has been a misleading title for some time, and it was before the show came to an end.

Alexis, Aaden, Faith, and Joel are the remaining minors at Kate’s home.

Mady and Cara did have to temporarily move back home, like countless other students, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Collin spent ages locked away in an institution by Kate, missing his own birthday as well as that of his siblings.

He wrote a letter to his father, who did not initially even know where his son’s “special school” was located, pleading for help.

Jon was then able to bring him home.

Even before Jon was able to bring Collin home, Hannah had already jumped the proverbial fence and fled to the loving arms of her father.

Most of the time, family courts will strongly consider the words of children of divorce once they become teenagers.

Hannah was a teenager and she wanted to live in a loving, emotionally healthy household, so she went to Jon.

Some have questioned why Jon’s other children not only do not live with him, but do not seem to see or speak to him.

Jon himself has explained that, first and foremost, he wants to give them space to make their own choices.

But in addition to that, he says that he does suspect that life at Kate’s has made it difficult — or worse — for his kids to reach out.

It is not uncommon for children with authoritarian parents to cling to the toxic, abusive parent during and after a divorce.

Human survival instincts that have kept kids alive for countless generations can play mind games on traumatized children.

They will seek to please a parent who does not deserve their love, proving their loyalty with a very performative rejection of any of that parent’s “enemies.”

We are so happy for Aaden and glad that he is free of the (literal, physical) prison that caged his teeth and forced them into perfection.

But many fans of the Gosselin kids hope to see him and his siblings free of the (metaphorical, psychological) situation of having Kate as their mom.

Nobody thinks that Jon is perfect, but Kate’s toxic behavior has fans hoping that her kids get lots of therapy.

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