Kanye West & Irina Shayk were 100% romantically together in France

The rumor going around Deuxmoi a few weeks ago was that Kanye West and Irina Shayk had started up something. I thought the rumor was hella random, especially since we know that Kanye has spent much of the past year in Wyoming, and Irina has spent all of her post-Bradley Cooper time in New York. It’s possible that Irina and Kanye – who have been friendly for years – were talking on the phone and stuff like that. But Irina practically got photographed every day in NYC in the past year. Are you telling me that Kanye was able to slip into the city to start a thing with Irina? Apparently so, at least according to TMZ.

Kanye West is moving on from estranged wife Kim Kardashian, and he’s doing it with … Irina freakin’ Shayk!!! Ye and the supermodel were spotted out and about in the French region of Provence on Tuesday, his 44th birthday, btw. They were seen smiling and strolling around on the grounds of a luxury boutique hotel with some friends, but also by themselves … looking very much like a couple.

TMZ has confirmed they are 100% romantically together, but our sources say it’s unclear how serious they are at this point. In other words, yeah … they’re banging. Definitely FWB status, at the very least.

The big news comes on the heels of Kim, and others in the fam, publicly wishing Kanye a happy birthday with social media posts. It’s been less than 4 months since KK filed for divorce … and it appears Kanye’s already got himself a new squeeze.

Ye and Irina, who has a daughter with Bradley Cooper, have some professional history together — she’s modeled for Yeezy in the past during a fashion show, and he’s even name-dropped her in songs before too. So yeah, they’re not total strangers by any means.

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While I bet this gets under Kim’s skin a bit – Irina is younger and her body wasn’t carved by a surgeon – I also think Kim is probably kind of relieved? Kim’s been over it for a while and I would guess that she hoped Kanye would be the first one to publicly “move on.” Now Kim gets to come out and introduce her new boyfriend, whoever that may be (it’s not Van Jones). As for Irina… she just does not have a type. Or maybe her type is “you’ll never guess.” To go from Cristiano Ronaldo to Bradley Cooper to Kanye West? What is that? Brains are not wired for that. I also think it’s weird because in interviews, she comes across as someone very rooted in reality, a Russian supermodel-mom who prefers quiet nights with friends, soap operas and being a mom. Kanye’s life is not like that.

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