Kandi Buruss’ Daughter Riley Accused of Having Nose Job

Many people think that the 17-year-old star’s nose looks so different in a new Instagram video that sees her and the ‘Real Housewive of Atlanta’ star attempting a TikTok challenge.

AceShowbiz -Has Riley Buruss had plastic surgery on her face? The daughter of Kandi Buruss has people wondering whether she has gone under the knife to alter her face, her nose in particular, after she shared on Instagram a TikTok video on Tuesday, July 21.

In the short video, Riley and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star teamed up to do a TikTok challenge in which they danced to a song. “Don’t come for our dancing chile,” so the 17-year-old star wrote underneath the clip.

However, rather than gushing over the mother-daughter duo’s cute moment, people had a hard time recognizing Riley because in their eyes, her nose looked so different from before. Thus, people suspected that she got a nose job. “Who is that?” someone asked, to which one responded, “I’m thinking the same thing. But I think it’s Riley. I think her nose looked different.” Meanwhile, another sarcastically said, “I liked the other nose.”

“This doesn’t even look like Riley,” an individual commented. “Is it just me or is her nose a slimmer,” someone else asked. When a user wondered, “Did Riley have a nose job,” another chimed in, “It’s drastic. She looks completely different. It’s actually kind of expected for folks to ask since she looks completely different.” One person didn’t see it as a bad thing as s/he said, “Hey, why not? If you can afford to change something that bothers you, go for it.”

Some others, in the meantime, put the blame on Kandi for letting her daughter get a nose job because in their opinion, Riley is still too young. For instance, an online user said, “Wow!! I came in here ready to hit skeptical, but it sho looks like a nose job to me. I know she’s 18(?) now, but I’m surprised Kandi let her do this. Not sure how I feel about it. She doesn’t look better or worse necessarily, just weird.”

Riley remains silent amid the speculation.

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