Kamala Harris Will Not Be Interrupted and Twitter Is Loving It

The vice-presidential debates were markedly different from last week's presidential debate in more ways than one. Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence sat down to outline their respective candidates' plans with much less interruption — though a debate isn't a debate without some of that. During one of Harris's responses, Pence tried to speak over her and she responded with a line that trended on Twitter just a few seconds later: "Mister vice president, I'm speaking."

Mike Pence Kamala Harris Debate 2020

Twitter users latched onto the sentiment, applauding Harris for speaking up and pointing out the fact that too often, women get interrupted — so often, in fact, that they sometimes don't even realize it.

Naturally, the memes came quick and fast.

Remember, the debate isn't even over yet, so there's no telling whether the interruption will be the highlight or if Harris will manage to break the internet with another knockout move.

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