Joy-Anna Duggar: I’m Gonna Go Murder Some Animals! Yippee!

As has been very, very well-documented for quite a number of years now, the Duggar family cares about the sanctity of life.

To what extent?

Not only are they pro-life, but they believe one should only engage in sexual intercourse in order to make a baby.

To each his or her own? Sure, we guess.

It’s just a shame that Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, only seem to care about the sanctity of human life.

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna posted a few photographs from a trip her and Austin took… into the woods to shoot and kill some innocent animals.

As you can see above and below, Joy-Anna and Austin donned hunting gear attire for the occasion: bright orange hats – a cap for her and a beanie for him – along with camo jackets and then even more bright orange for good measure.

“It’s opening day and we’re in the stand. Hoping to see a big one!” Austin said in a video he shared online, referencing the fact that he’s anxious to try and murder a large deer.

We can’t confirm whether or not Duggar and Forsyth were successful in committing multiple kills.

But Joy-Anna did later tell followers that the couple went out for an evening hunt as well:

This wasn’t the first time Joy-Anna and Austin posted photos from a hunt.

They are very proud of the hobby, somehow not seeing any hypocrisy in how much they claim to care about human life and yet will take animal life purely for sport.

The two species are different, yes, of course. We recognize this.

It would just be nice if such staunch Christians took the commandment Thou Shall Not Kill far more literally across the board, you know?

Joy-Anna, meanwhile, shared this controversial hunting post just a few days after admitting to a bout of depression.

Or what sounded like it, at least.

“This week has been good,” wrote Duggar as a caption to a picture of Austin snuggling with their son, adding:

“A week of refocusing, trying to get out of the rut of “just getting through the day” and being purposeful in my marriage and raising my kids. I love these people and this life we have made together!”

Joy-Anna gave birth to daughter Evelyn Mae in August — and many fans have since been speculating whether she might be suffering from postpartum depression… based on this cryptic post.

The Counting On star suffered a miscarriage in 2019 and she learned she was pregnant with her daughter just a few months after the devastating event.

For the record, we felt awful for Joy-Anna after the miscarriage and sincerely hope her mental health is now in a positive place.

Are we down on her hunting?

Yes, as you can see here.

But we can criticize this one aspect of the reality star’s life, while still respecting her as a human being and while still wishing her the best.

That’s what we’re doing here. Hang in there, Joy-Anna. 

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