Jorge Nava: I’m Getting Out of Prison and Coming Back to TV!

Last month, incarcerated 90 Day Fiance alum Jorge Nava announced plans to divorce Anfisa when he is released.

As freedom looms on the horizon, Jorge also tells fans that they haven’t seen the last of him.

In 2018, Jorge was busted transporting a sizable quantity of marijuana, a plant that is still somehow illegal in a few states, in his car.

He was sentenced to about two and a half years behind bars, but is expected to be released as early as May — next month.

While he was in prison, he lost a tremendous amount of weight.

He also lost his wife, who in an apparent fit of jealousy over the attention Jorge received, moved on and got a new boyfriend.

Now, Jorge is opening up to In Touch Weekly about his plans for an Anfisa-free future.

“Going back to reality TV is [a conversation] that I’ve been having since the day I came into prison,” Jorge reveals.

However, as much as he would like to go on camera for his fans, he has some important work to do to get his house in order.

On top of divorcing Anfisa, after he leaves prison, he will also need to get a job — if that is even possible.

“Some of the plans [for] when I get released are just being able to get myself back on my feet,” Jorge admits.

“I’m still exploring different avenues to get back into the legal marijuana business,” Jorge notes.

“And, hopefully,” he expresses, “I am able to do that [despite] being a felon now.”

Legal marijuana operations in most states exclude those with marijuana convictions, which is unjust and bizarre and disenfranchises many marginalized demographics.

Still, Jorge is hopeful that he can get his old life back.

“I’m trying to build a positive image for everybody,” he expresses.

Jorde adds: “Even … in [the] darkest time in life, it’s still good to have hope.”

He explains that optimism is important “because the light at the end of the tunnel will definitely come in time.”

“I’m getting released soon,” Jorge notes with excitement.

“And all [the] positive feedback that I’m getting from strangers, like on social media and stuff like that …” he notes.

Jorge expresses that “it’s just giving me this really good hope, this really good feeling.”

In particular, he says that it is encouraging when he thinks “about my new beginning, really.”

When it comes to leaving prison, Jorge knows what he is excited to do.

“The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is … being able to [make] my own choices, finally,” he reveals.

“I’m trying to … stay away from any criminal activity,” Jorge points out. Obviously.

“And, hopefully,” he concludes, he will be able to “get all of my goals and ideas executed.”

It’s a shame that Jorge will have to cross so many hurdles even after leaving prison.

Too many people who have experienced incarceration find that they can never recover their old lives.

Fortunately, unlike the vast majority of people in his situation, Jorge has a degree of fame that he can use for inspiration and revenue alike.

We here at THG would love to see Jorge back on our screens. Good luck, Jorge!

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