Jon Walters Tells 90 Day Fiance Fans the Reason Rachel Bear Will NEVER Move to the UK

90 Day Fiance legend Jon Walters has never hesitated to clap back at trolls or even call out fellow stars on their BS.

Now, he’s using his trademarked bluntness to explain the amazing reason that Rachel doesn’t just move in with him.

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear fell in love from across the pond from each other.

Rachel traveled to the UK to marry him. She and Jon are both parents of little Lucy.

But a brawl in Jon’s past makes it difficult for him to get a spousal visa to move to the US. What will they do?

Last week, a fan asked Jon Waters if Rachel Bear is going to move to the UK to live with him.

“We’ve never discussed it as an option,” the 36-year-old Brit replies.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days alum explains that it’s never been discussed “because it’s not an option.” 

Jon then asks: “What sort of parents would we be if we created a family which put Ella on the outside?”

“Where Ella is the one who [is missing her mom and sister] half the year,” he notes.

Jon continues to lay out the proposed scenario: “And her dad the other half?”

“We would never selfishly solve our problem,” Jon expresses.

He emphasizes that they would never do so “by passing on the misery of missing your family on to a child.”

“It hurts more than you could imagine,” Jon emphasizes, describing missing his loved ones, “and I wouldn’t give that to Ella.”

“Rachel lives with Ella and Lucy,” Jon details.

“And,” he adds, “[Ella’s dad sees] her every week.”

“I’m the additional person to the family,” he points out, “and it’s right that I’m the one outside.”

“What people don’t realize is when Rachel and Lucy [visited England],” Jon shares.

He continues: “Ella was already scheduled to be at her dad’s for his half of the Christmas and summer breaks.” 

“Rachel got so much s–t about [abandoning] her eldest when the truth is the opposite,” Jon laments. Notably, she is not the only star to get that kind of grief. 

“The dates of [Rachel’s] trip depend on [Ella’s] schedule with her dad,” Jon explains to his fans and followers.

“My stepfather/stepdaughter relationship with Ella [is] every bit as real [as] my relationship with Lucy and Rachel,” he affirms.

Rachel became pregnant by coincidence when she and Jon were talking, but Jon is Lucy’s father in every since except the coincidence of biology.

“Although Ella has a dad,” Jon explains.

He emphasizes: “We are very much a family of four.”

“And,” Jon adds, “that’s what we are fighting for.”

“Everything we have done has been to be a family,” Jon asserts strongly, concluding his message to fans and followers.

Jon and Rachel and those sweet girls do not deserve the difficulties that they are experiencing in their quest to be together as a family.

But it is heartwarming that Rachel and Jon are correctly putting the girls first. You only get one shot at your childhood. Adults know that even true love can wait.

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