JoJo Siwa Opens Up About Getting Tormented By Haters Online & IRL: ‘I Cry For A Solid Three Hours&#

Don’t come for JoJo Siwa!

Though the teen sensation typically rocks pounds of glitter, a high side ponytail with a hair bow, and colorful clothes, fans have been excited to see a more casual side of Miz Siwa over the last few months — specifically through her TikTok videos  which has led to a lot of speculation about how she’s changing.

However, one thing that unfortunately hasn’t changed is her haters.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Nightly News: Kids Edition, the 17-year-old spoke with Natalie Morales about the low points of fame:

“I’ve heard everything under the sun about me. I’ve heard my hairline, I’ve heard I’m a baby, I’ve heard I’m a giant toddler, I’ve heard I’m a brat, I’ve heard I’m fat. I try to respond with comedy. People will drive by the house actually and shout out very mean things. And I always come up with the funniest comebacks.”

Ugh, not okay!!

Though she’s often positive in the face of criticism, the Dance Moms alum revealed it does get to her at times:

“I mean, it can be hard. And it hurts, but as a person you want people to be nice and you’re never, never, ever going to please everybody.”

Despite trying her best to constantly upkeep a bubbly personality, JoJo’s “non-stop” work schedule, which has included virtual concerts from home during the coronavirus pandemic, does get the best of her sometimes:

“You know, there are times where I joke around and I say, ‘Once every three months, I just kind of bottle everything up and then I just break one night.’ I have a bit of a breakdown and I cry for a solid three hours, I take a shower and I call it good. I put my game face back on.”

Lately, the Nebraska native has made headlines surrounding her signature blonde ponytail. Fans were shocked to see her new brunette locks, and prior to this she shared videos with her hair down:

“I think I’m the only person in the world that can break the internet by just putting my hair down.”

She clarified once more that just because she’s experimenting with her look, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the iconic bow:

“It’s not me trying to grow up, it’s not me trying to break out. It was more like me just trying to make a TikTok, be funny and put my hair down. You know, I don’t look seven today. Maybe I look 15, but like I also don’t want to look 27.”

Ch-ch-check out more from JoJo (below):

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