John Mayer Shares Sweet Story About Stevie Wonder

On Stevie Wonder‘s 70th birthday, John Mayer shared a sweet story involving the music icon from his own birthday.

“Some years back, my friends took me to dinner to celebrate my birthday. On the way in, I saw Stevie sitting at what would end up being a few tables away from me. At the end of dinner, when the cake came out and my table started singing Happy Birthday, I looked over and saw Stevie Wonder singing along,” Mayer shared on Instagram along with a picture of himself alongside Wonder.

He added, “That moment blew me away not just in the kindness he showed from across the room, but as a lesson on the kind of joy that’s possible to share with others when you join in their song.

Mayer said that the experience has prompted him to sing along for anyone’s birthday at a restaurant.

“Stevie, today I sing along with your loved ones on your very special day,” he added.

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