Jim Bob Duggar Disowned Jinger When She Moved to LA, Took Her Back Only Out of Fear For His Reputation, Source Claims [EXCLUSIVE]

Back in April of 2019, we reported Jim Bob Duggar had disowned his daughter Jinger as a result of the 26-year-old's decision to relocate to Los Angeles. 

In some ways, the decision was a long time coming, as Jinger's rebellious streak had been a thorn in Jim Bob's side for years.

But the last straw came abruptly, when Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo announced that they would be moving to the West Coast so that he could enroll in an LA divinity school.

Jinger and Jim Bob have since patched things up, and some fans might have come to believe that the rumors of a rift between them were exaggerated.

However, in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, a longtime family friend confirms that Jim Bob did indeed cut ties with his daughter. 

And his change of heart was motivated not by compassion, but by sheer vanity.

Take a look:

1.Simpler Times

2.Trial By Fire

3.The Same, But Different

4.The Right to Bare Legs

5.A Biblical Rift

6.Calvin and Bob

7.One Daughter Down

8.Another One Bites the Dust

9.Not Wasting Any Time

10.Hashing It Out In Court

11.Lighting Out

12.Undermined Authority

13.A Duggar Nightmare

14.City of Devils

15.Goin' to California

16.Turning Their Backs On Her

17.Change of Heart

18.Mysterious Intervention

19.A Threat to His Reputation

20.Getting Defensive

21.Standing Firm

22.It Worked!

23.Modern Duggar

24.Living Their Best Life

25.Embracing Modernity

26.A Daring Escape

27.Sexual Slavery

28.The Path to Freedom

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