Jill Wagner Unveils Real Meaning Behind Newborn Daughter’s Name Army Grey

Days after giving birth to her first child with David Lemanowicz, the Hallmark Channel actress reveals how her husband’s 10-year-old daughter and their dogs react to the newest addition to the family.

AceShowbizJill Wagner is a proud mother of a baby girl with a meaningful name. Days after welcoming her first child with husband David Lemanowicz, the Hallmark Channel actress unveiled the real meaning behind their newborn daughter’s moniker Army Grey.

“She was conceived on July 4 so we wanted a patriotic name and my husband is in the military so we chose her first name to be Army,” the former co-host of “Wipeout” shared with PEOPLE about the story behind the naming of her bundle of joy who was born at 12:36 P.M. on Friday, April 17.

“We thought that was a good name to honor both,” the 41-year-old actress went on detailing. “Her middle name is Gray (spelled the American way, with an A) because I have always loved that name. It is strong, intelligent, soft and feminine all in one … which is what I want her to be.”

Speaking about how she coped with a newborn, the “Braven” actress couldn’t help but gushed, “Army has been a great baby so far.” She added, “We actually got a decent block of sleep last night, a whole 4-hour run, which was amazing. While I know it’s hard not getting my whole 8 hours, which I love … I don’t mind the lack of [sleep]. She is worth it all!”

During the interview, the former “Teen Wolf” actress spilled how it felt like giving birth in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. “Having to give birth in a mask was not ideal but the silver lining throughout was that it allowed my husband and me to have this one-on-one intimate time with [Army] before we brought her home with no distractions,” she shared. “It was some of the best sleepless moments of my life.”

Jill further praised her husband, David, for being her “my rock through all of it.” She elaborated, “The most I have ever been attracted to him was when I saw him hold her for the first time. This has definitely created a bond with us like no other,” she stated.

While Army is her first child, Jill has been a step-mother to David’s 10-year-old daughter, Lija. Sharing how her step-daughter reacted to the arrival of the newest addition to their family, she said, “Lija is loving being a big sis and all of the dogs are super curious about little Army Gray. I have a feeling Hank the farm dog is going to be super protective over her.”

Jill first announced that she and David were expecting back in November 2019. At time, she let out a series of photos of them cradling her baby bump. “This wasn’t an easy road and through a lot of prayer this little one found the way to us,” she wrote alongside the pictures. “I have never been a super maternal woman but I feel changes happening already just in this short amount of time. To all the mothers out there , I am honored to be a part of your team.”

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