Jill Duggar Comes Clean: My Marriage Has Problems!

Jill Duggar is in an interesting position these days.

She’s officially a former reality star, having quit Counting On after her husband, Derick Dillard, got fired back in 2017.

(Jill has appeared on the show one time since cutting ties with TLC, but it was only because she couldn’t be edited out of scenes involving the birth of Jessa Duggar’s third child.)

On top of that, Jill and Derick are essentially on their own, having cut ties with Jim Bob and the rest of Jill’s family.

But they have each other, and they have their two children, and not surprisingly, the domestic contentment found within the Dillard household is the focus of Jill’s Instagram account these days.

Jill recently posted this photo of a cup of tea, along with a capion explaining its origin.

“My man frequently makes me tea or coffee before he leaves for work in the morning!” she wrote.

“Love him so much!”

In case there was any doubt who she was talking about, Jill tagged the pivc, “#itsthelittlethings @derickdillard #besthubby”.

Now, the Duggars attract thrash-talking trolls to just about everything they post.

In fact, mom-shaming Duggar women has become a favorite pastime on Instagram.

But surely, no one can find a fault with a grateful photo of a cup of tea, right?

Well, don’t be so sure about that …

“[You’re] trying [too] hard to convince us you have a perfect marriage,” one fan wrote, according to In Touch.

“STOP IT!!!!” they added, clearly very worked up about this situation.

In most cases, Jill would probably just ignore such a remark, but on this day, it seems she felt like responding.

And to her credit, she didn’t “clap back” or stoop to the hater’s level in any way.

She merely pointed out that she’s never made any claims at marital perfection, and her relationship — like every relationship on the planet — is not without its flaws.

“Haha, [I] never said we have a perfect marriage,” she responded.

“We are certainly both human with normal problems, but we choose to work through the difficult and enjoy life together.”

Yes, Jill and Derick are almost certainly going through a rough patch these days,

She’s raising two kids during a pandemic with no help from her extended family.

Meanwhile, he’s trying to finish law school while working as a Grub Hub driver to make ends meet.

And of course, Derick is still feuding with Jim Bob Duggar, which is probably taking quite an emotional toll on Jill.

Still, with all that going on, Jill and Derick still take time for the little gestures that let the other person know they care.

Look, the Duggars post a lot of nonsense online, and there are many situations in which they deserve every bit of criticism that comes their way.

But in this case, it seems like the commenter is reacting negatively to the post for no other reason than that it bears Jill Duggar’s name.

Going forward, perhaps it would be a good idea if we all stay on message by trolling the Duggars for the many legitimate reasons, instead of inventing made-up ones.

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