Jennie Garth Learns to Be More Competitive With Other Women From Beverly Hills, 90210

When chatting with former co-star Tori Spelling on their ‘9021OMG’ podcast, the Kelly Taylor depicter confesses that being on the show taught her to ‘be threatened by other girls.’

AceShowbizJennie Garth has admitted to being “threatened” by her “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-stars.

The 49-year-old actress – who played Kelly Taylor on the hit teen drama alongside the likes of Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley – has opened up about the experience, revealing it made her “more competitive” with other women on set.

Chatting to Tori on their “9021OMG” podcast, she said, “If I’m honest, I think [the show] kind of taught me to be threatened by other girls, be threatened by other women [and] be more competitive because I wanted our co-stars approval or attention.”

“It messed with me on a deeper level and not until later in life that I kind of think it wasn’t ever about the other girls, and why did I ever make the other girls an enemy in my mind?”

“I think that Tori and I are always working through those messages as we grow older and trying to be better people and figure it all out.”

Jennie suggested their time on the show – which launched in 1990 and ran for 10 seasons – gave them “mixed messages” for the younger stars.

She explained, “I think as a young girl… [the show] brought out a super competitive part of me being in that environment of being judged because of my looks or how I looked in an outfit.”

“It was just a different day and age and it gave us young girls a lot of mixed messages. I, for many years, struggled with [it].”

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