Jason Sudeikis Still Too 'Heartbroken' Over Olivia Wilde To Date Keeley Hazell – Despite Even MORE Evidence?!

OK, what?? Can we PLEASE get a consensus on Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis?!

It seems like ever since we first heard about this breakup, we’ve been getting the most mixed messaging of any former couple ever. They basically broke up in 2019, they split up in October, it was about living on different coasts, it was only after she met Harry Styles. One day we hear Jason is trying to win her back, the next he’s hooking up with a Page 3 model he’s known for like six years, the next they’re just friends.

Srsly, what the eff is going on??

In the latest denial, we’re hearing once again that Jason is absolutely NOT dating Keeley Hazell, a model-actress who both co-starred with him AND apparently had a character named after her on his new show Ted Lasso.

A source told Us Weekly:

“He and Keeley are not dating. He’s still really heartbroken about this. It’s still way too soon for anything serious at all.”

Too heartbroken to hook up with the model he’s had a crush on for years, that totally sounds like every guy we know.

OK, look, we’re trying to be fair here, but when the sources are giving us conflicting information we have to look at the evidence and go with our gut here.

What we know is, thanks to Jason and Keeley accidentally showing off the same background, that they’re either living together or spending a lot of time in the same space right now.

That’s now been confirmed by photos on DailyMail.com that show Jason coming and going from Keeley’s apartment with what appears to be an overnight bag.

So are they spending all this time together as just friends? Color us skeptical, y’all. But why not just go public?

Well, we also know Ted Lasso started airing in August 2020 — meaning it was filmed before at least one of the Jason/Olivia breakup dates — and based on his mustache maybe before both.

OK, so if his camp is trying so hard to deny he’s dating a co-star (and inspiration) on the show, there could be good reason to do so. If they just started dating after the breakup, it seems like there would be no reason to lie about it — certainly not when Olivia ALSO has a beautiful British bedmate now.

Look, that’s obviously just wondering aloud, but how would YOU make sense of all these inconsistencies?? Could it all be as innocent as it’s being made out to be? Let us know what YOU think in the comments (below)!

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