James Martin: Saturday Morning chef admits buying Range Rover while drunk to ITV guest

James Martin recalls buying a Range Rover 'while drunk'

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Saturday Morning chef James Martin, 48, bought a Range Rover online while drunk. Speaking on his hit ITV weekend show, the star made the surprise revelation when chatting with comedian and actor Johnny Vegas, 50, who admitted to buying a bus after one too many drinks.

I bought a Range Rover drunk

James Martin

Before getting the kitchen ready for his next dish, the chef turned to his guest to ask how he was.

“How are you anyway?” James asked his friend.

“I’m alright mate, I am getting there, I am getting myself ready for the new version of normal” said Johnny in response to national coronavirus restrictions lifting.

“The new version of the surreal normal,” James quipped as the comedian agreed.

The chef continued: “But you’ve been quite busy? We’re going to chat to you about all the things you’ve been doing as well.

“You’ve been quite busy with your campsite and everything else?” he probed his friend.

Johnny ended up launching a campsite in Nidderdale, Yorkshire, after buying a bus.

The comedian has previously told how he became drunk one night in the pub and impulsively purchased an old bus from Malta to replace his campervan which had been stolen.

Alluding to this purchase, James asked the actor: “You’ve been buying old bits of shrapnel and trying to do them up like I’ve been doing?”

“Mate, I tell you -” Johnny started to say.

“It’s an obsession, isn’t it?” James cut in while grinning from ear to ear.

“Never go online and buy a bus drunk”, the comedian said, causing James to collapse in a fit of giggles.

“It’s my only advice I can give you!” he added.

However, the restaurateur went on to reveal that he too had purchased a vehicle while intoxicated.

James admitted sheepishly, “I bought a Range Rover drunk, online, it opens up a whole world of pain.”

Agreeing with the chef, Johnny said it only took one person to help him see the error of his ways.

“It does, because when somebody else who knows about Range Rovers and you sit down with them and they go, ‘What were you thinking?’

“And you go, ‘Well evidently, I wasn’t, was I?’ Johnny added to a laughing James.

This isn’t the first time that the favourite chef has made a drunken purchase as in 2019 he explained how he went into department store Harrods in search of shoes, but instead came out with pet dog, Ralph.

Speaking to the Star, the chef said he bought the pup when he was “p****d one lunchtime”, after thinking that the pooch was “pretty cool”.

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