James King, My 600-lb Life Star, Dead at 49

James King, a fan favorite from the long-running series my 600-lb Life, died last Friday at a hospital in Nashville.

He was 49 years old.

King’s family has announced this tragic news, which comes after James had been battling a number of recent and serious health issues.

These health issues have included sepsis and cirrhosis of the liver — although, to be clear, we cannot confirm his cause of death at this time.

We can confirm, however, that King’s passing did not come as a shock to his loved ones.

His wife, Lisa, wrote on Facebook last week that she was “praying” for husband, adding: “I love you so much.”

James’ stepdaughter, Krystle Langston, then captioned a hospital photo of the former reality star, not long after his death:

“Just feels so empty. I miss you so much.”

King appeared on season five of My 600-lb Life, weighing at the time at  791 pounds, which made him the heaviest cast member at the time.

However, he then appeared on a “Where Are They Now?” episode of the program in 2018 and tipped the scales at 840 pounds.

In response, Dr. Nowzaradan actually called Adult Protective Services on Lisa because he suspected she had been sneaking food to James while he was working to shed pounds in the hospital to prepare for weight-loss surgery.

This physician was eventally fired by the show.

King — who lived in Paducah, Kentucky — had recently kept a relatively low profile on social media, typically posting about his two latest grandchildren.

According to the late star’s obituary, he is survived by his wife, Lisa; father, Donald Elwood King; four daughters, Carrie Raisor, Krystle Langston, Courtney Parks and Bayley King; and two sons, Daemian Raisor and Austin Raisor King.

He also had 19 grandkids.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, funeral arrangements for James will be private.

Also, because of the nature of My 600-lb Life (that is, the condition of the people featured on it), King is merely the latest former cast member to pass away.

In August 2018, for example, L.B. Bonner killed himself.

In February 2019, Sean Milliken died due to complications from an infection.

We send our condolences to the family members, friends and loved ones of James King.

May he rest in peace.

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