Jake Paul Gets Huge Praise from Metta World Peace, He's 'Incredible!'

Metta World Peace is genuinely impressed with Jake Paul‘s boxing career — telling TMZ Sports the guy is “legit” and loves the fact he’s chasing his dream.

The former NBA star — who’s a big boxing fan — loved watching Paul knock out Ben Askren over the weekend … and explained why it’s the latest in an “incredible” journey for the 24-year-old YouTube star.

“I like Jake Paul, because I think anybody who has a dream should go after that dream,” Metta told us outside of Toast in L.A.

“I think what’s incredible about it is he’s doing it! That’s what’s incredible about it, action!”

Metta says he had dreams of becoming a boxer when he was younger — but never followed up.

So, the fact Jake is putting in the work and seeing results is very impressive to him.

And get this … Metta tells TMZ Sports he’s been getting calls from networks looking to book him in a major celebrity boxing event.

But, don’t hold your breath — Metta says he ain’t interested.

“I don’t feel like doing it … It’s just not something I’m into doing.”

“Ain’t no dollar amount,” Metta added … “I just don’t want to do it.”

Fair enough!

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