Jaden Smith chills himself in David Blaine’s cryochamber stunt

David Blaine might have finally met his match in Jaden Smith, who attempted the daredevil’s cryochamber for a stunt and surprisingly exceeded expectations. 

This week, magician and performer David launched his latest stunt which sees him floating over Arizona holding a cluster of balloons resembling the iconic scenes from Pixar animation Up. 

In preparation for the ambitious event, David, 47, used a cryochamber to acclimatise his body to the steely temperatures he’ll experience as he falls. 

It seems Jaden, 22, has just as much a daredevil streak as the magician after bravely volunteering himself to try and withstand the cryochamber. 

In David’s latest YouTube Originals video, one of his employees told Jaden: ‘There’s a lot of pro-athletes that can’t do it. 30 to 40 seconds they last. 

‘We had one professional boxer yesterday tap out. He got knocked out in one round.’ 

David then explained: ‘The way this helps my next stunt is when I’m going up in the balloons, riding all the way up, basically every thousand feet you lose three and a half degrees. 


‘On my first jump that I did from 25,000 feet, I had a full face mask on, and the first breath that I took, the whole thing iced over. So my skydiving, I was jumping down, I had to like look through this little hole.’ 

A shocked Jaden exclaimed: ‘Ice! While you’re out of the plane?’ to which David confirmed: ‘It becomes ice immediately.’ 

Still, none of it was enough to deter Jaden who promptly whipped off most of his clothes to brave the cryochamber. 

The musician opted to go topless and wore only his underpants while standing in the freezing temperatures.

‘You’re halfway there,’ David encouraged as Jaden gave a thumbs up.

‘He’s got 45 seconds left, he’s doing great… He’s starting to shake,’ David added. 

Jaden clearly needs to teach those pro-athletes a thing or two as he lasted an impressive three minutes. 

Next it was David’s turn and of course, he was willing to take it to the extreme. 

‘Crank it to the highest for me,’ he told the employees. 

Before jumping in, he explained: ‘In the stunt, I do have to learn when I’m going up to these heights how to stay completely coherent and hypoxia kicks in much quicker when you’re in an extreme condition.’ 

After staying in the cryochamber for an exhaustive nine minutes, David was highly entertained to see that his body temperature had dropped so low that it didn’t even register on the thermometer. 

On Wednesday, the stuntman was seen piloting a cluster of 52 helium-filled balloons as he reached an altitude around 8,000 feet in the daring stunt.

His journey took place over the desert in Page, Arizona as Blaine gave fans a clear view of the action in an exclusive YouTube live stream. 

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