I’m A Celebrity’s Jordan North ‘has a crush’ on Beverley Callard as pal admits he’s a hit with the ladies

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He may not be the most well known of all the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestants, but Jordan North has certainly made an impression on the public.

Winning over a legion of new fans with his down-to-earth charm, loveable personality and his terrified outbursts when facing his fears in the bushtucker trials, BBC Radio 1 host Jordan, 30, has already become a real contender for King of the Castle.

Here, we chat to his pal, etiquette coach William Hanson, 31, who he’s known for 10 years, to find out if he really is as nice as he seems, if he’s faking his petrified reactions and how his phobias play out in real life…

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How do you think Jordan is doing?

The Jordan I’m seeing on screen is the same Jordan as off screen. It’s so lovely to watch because suddenly the nation is beginning to realise what a lovely, naive in many ways, chap he is.

He did know what he was signing up for, but in a slightly innocent way he thought it wouldn’t be as bad as it looks on TV, or he wouldn’t get picked for the trials, but then he threw up on top of the cliff and his fate was sealed.

He has four big fears in life; heights, snakes, enclosed spaces and rats.

Do you think we’ll see a braver Jordan if it isn’t those four things?

Possibly. Who knows what ITV have got planned? But any more eating challenges, he will be fine. I’ve had some of his cooking before, and that was a challenge for me!

Why didn’t change his underwear in three days?!

That slightly surprised me because he is actually fastidiously clean. His room everywhere he’s lived has always been immaculate, but equally he doesn’t seem to realise you have to change your bedding once a week unless you want to get impetigo.

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Who do you think he’s closest to?

Definitely Beverley. There’s a maternal element. I know Wendy, his mum, she’s lovely. Beverley and Wendy are very different, but they’ve both got that northern charm and earthiness.

Do you think he might have a crush on Bev?

Well yes, who knows?! She’s a lovely woman. I’ve got a crush. We’ve all Googled her in her lycra!

Is there any chance of a romance in the castle for Jordan with anybody?

I don’t think he’s looking for love, and a derelict Welsh castle is hardly the most romantic place. It wouldn’t get me going. So I suspect not, but who knows.

Is he a hit with the ladies usually?

I genuinely haven’t met anybody who doesn’t love Jordan. The listeners on our podcast love him, my mother is obsessed with him – she’s only met him once. Everybody loves Jordan. It’s quite irritating.

Is he faking any of his reactions?

He’s not. That is Jordan. I used to live on the 17th floor and every time he popped in, he would walk up 17 flights of stairs just to avoid using the lift. To make your body go white, drip with sweat, to have the voice go too and feel faint? You cannot act that.

What is the daftest thing he’s ever done?

We were on tour for our podcast and he decided he’d go and meet a friend in Glasgow after the show for drinks.

We were sharing a room in a Premier Inn and I’d told him not to wake me up, but he walked in at 5am and I was utterly livid.

He’d only been with his friend for an hour but had forgotten which Premier Inn we were in.

He managed to get into a Premier Inn, getting up to the seventh floor – via the stairs – but his key card wouldn’t work. Security asked him which name the room was under, but he wasn’t sure who’d booked it.

Oh dear!

Eventually they said, “Fine, go on in.” But it was not our room, and indeed not our hotel, and he walked in on this middle-aged Scottish couple in bed.

Then security came to kick him out and they were trying to push him into the lift, and he was like, “I’ve got to do the stairs!”

Apparently it ended with both of his legs straddling the lift arch to avoid it, as he was refusing point blank to get in and eventually they let him take the stairs.

What is he like to spend time with?

He’s perfectly nice to live with. My friends he moved in with, he did accidentally kill their gerbil when they went on holiday. He was asked to look after it, and when they came back she was dead. Jordan said, “I just thought she was sleeping.”

Has he ever done something really kind for you?

Whenever I’ve had a problem in my life, and we’ve all had problems this year, he’s the first person I’ll phone. There was a particular night earlier on this year when I was incredibly low and I phoned him. After a half hour chat, everything was fine with the world. He’s got so much empathy.

What would it mean to Jordan to win the show?

This is his favourite TV show and he’s bleated on about it to me in the past. He is amazed that he’s even qualified for this show, so to then win it would blow his mind.

Tune in to Jordan and William’s podcast, Help I Sexted My Boss

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