If Feel the Beat's Wolfgang Novogratz Isn't Your Hollywood Crush Yet, He Will Be

If Feel the Beat’s Wolfgang Novogratz Isn’t Your Hollywood Crush Yet, He Will Be

When it comes to fun, sweet teen comedies, Netflix has the market pretty well cornered. Following 2018’s smash hit To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (and its sequel), a whole slew of teen-oriented comedies and rom-coms have come to the platform. Our latest fave is Feel the Beat starring Sofia Carson, which is about an aspiring dancer named April who moves back to her hometown in Wisconsin to teach students at her former studio. The film also features a cute love story between April and her ex-boyfriend Nick, played by actor Wolfgang Novogratz. You might recognize the 23-year-old from some of his roles in other Netflix movies — or from one of his family’s reality shows. As you tune into the film, get more acquainted with Netflix’s latest leading man!

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