Hollywood’s most successful former sports stars

Having the skillset to make it big in professional sports is a big deal, but with so much physical wear and tear on the body, famous athletes are often forced to retire early. Since only a rare few have what it takes to stay at the top of their game long after calling it quits, Wonderwall.com rounded up Hollywood’s most successful former athletes, starting with the late Kobe Bryant. In his 20 years playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, the basketball legend also known as the Black Mamba broke numerous records with the highest number of total points, free throws and turnovers for any guard in NBA history (not to mention the most points scored — 81 — in a single game). The four-time MVP hit the court for the last time in 2016 but stayed in the spotlight until his tragic passing in 2020. Keep reading to see how Kobe and more former sports stars remained victorious after retirement!

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