Helen Skelton: Countryfile star left red-faced in another awkward working from home mishap

TV presenter Helen Skelton opened up about an awkward work-related blunder online yesterday.

The Countryfile star, who is currently on lockdown with her husband Richie Myler and their two children and is working from home, told her 156,000 Instagram followers about, not one, but two mishaps which had occurred.

The 36-year-old television took to her sun-soaked garden with a glass of wine on Friday night to welcome in the weekend and explain what had happened.

Alongside a picture of herself with a drink in hand, Helen wrote: “CHEERS…”

She continued: “No idea what day is hence why I am a week late to join the #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday.”

Explaining the social media trend, the mum-of-two continued: “The idea was we had a sip along to celebrate English wine makers, but I missed it.”

The popular personality then went on to reveal another blunder which occurred earlier in the day.

Helen said: “In other work/life fails this week, today I joined the completely wrong teams meeting.

“Ended up in a conversation about condiments I was nothing to do with.”(sic)

Revealing her embarrassment the former Blue Peter presenter said: “Turns out leaving virtual rooms is as awkward as leaving real ones you have stumbled into!”

Helen signed off: “Ps thanks @alburyvineyard for the gift.

“You know I love a sparkle and you know I love what you’re about!!! #englishgrowers #wineoclock #englishwine #buybritish #ukproduce #justifymywine.”

The beautiful blonde tagged Albury Organic Vineyard into her post, a company who create award-winning English wine in Surrey Hills.

The vineyard, as well as Instagram users and fans, took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the post where Helen outlined her mishaps.

The company’s account replied: “Thanks Helen, sounds like you deserve that glass of wine!”

Another user remarked: “Glad it’s not just me who makes these blunders. Thanks for sharing it made me smile.”(sic)

Sharing a similar thought a third user added: “lol know that feeling… I was convinced today was Thursday.”(sic)


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Outlining the perils of conference calling, Helen suffered another technical blunder earlier this month.

She revealed how she got caught out during a zoom call with her colleagues.

In a post, dated April 15, Helen wrote: “Note to self…. when working remotely technology means your boss, and bosses boss could still see everything you’re doing.”

The TV star added: “Further note to self working from home does not mean wine with lunch should be encouraged on the rare occasion there is time for lunch.”

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