Harry Hill bombshell: What was staggering profession Harry Hill had before comedy career?

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Harry Hill returns to our screens in his new series Harry Hill’s World of TV. The comedian is also known for his show Harry Hill’s TV Burp and You’ve Been Framed. However, the career Harry held before his TV days may come as a shock to some.

What was the staggering profession Harry Hill had before comedy career?

Many fans of the comedian may be surprised to learn Harry is a qualified doctor.

He has previously spoken of his medical background on Lorraine in 2018.

While talking to Lorraine Kelly, Harry spoke of the moment he wanted to pursue comedy.

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He said: “It was a combination of not really enjoying being a doctor if I’m honest.

“You know some people say to me all that training was wasted, but I think if you’re going to see a doctor the last thing you want to see is a doctor that doesn’t want to be be a doctor.

“It’s a vocation, it’s a bit like being a comedian in the sense that you know if you’re a comedian all you think about is jokes and how to write and what’s the funniest thing, and if you’re a doctor it completely takes over your life, and you have to be prepared to give yourself completely to medicine, or it certainly used to be, and I wasn’t really able to, and I wasn’t really able to do that, so it was a combination of those two things.

“If there wasn’t something else I wanted to as badly then I probably would have just stuck at it.”

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Harry revealed how he nearly returned to his career in medicine.

Talking to Radio Times, Harry who’s real name is Matthew Hall said: “In the early days of the pandemic, it was all melting down radiators to make ventilators, the country pulling together and so on.

“I’d had a few drinks so I filled out the form and got an email back saying someone would contact me about my return to work. I broke out in a cold sweat.”

After the recruiter learnt Harry had a speciality in “respiratory emergencies” he was asked to start as soon as he could.

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Although Harry claimed, he would have had travel difficulties travelling in from the south of the city to the NHS Nightingale Hospital in east London.

He then added: “In the end, it came down to them saying I could maybe do ‘track and trace’ calls on the phone.”

However, the comedian added the role never materialised.

Fans may catch a glimpse of Harry’s medical prowess on Harry Hill’s World of TV next week, as he lifts the lid on medical dramas.

Harry previously spoke of being a doctor to the Independent in 2012.

He said: “When I was a doctor I thought I was the only one feeling the way I did.

“I didn’t really like the job and felt quite ambivalent towards a lot of the patients.

“I read this book, and it was exactly what I was thinking. It’s a very dark book about how you become hardened.

“I was in the NHS at its lowest point, doing 100 hours a week with no guarantee of a job at the end. It had a doctor’s gallows humour.

“My humour is the opposite of all that – a reaction to it.”

Harry Hill’s World of TV is on BBC2 on Sundays at 8.30pm.

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