Hannah Brown’s Quotes About Her Boyfriend Adam Woolard Are So Gushy

Fans on itching for more info can finally rejoice! Hannah Brown’s quotes about her boyfriend Adam Woolard in her extremely gushy March 3 YouTube video titled, "Relationship Q&A!," gave fans tons of insights on what their relationship looks like behind closed doors. Basically, the way the video worked was Brown had Woolard answer a bunch of questions on pieces of paper that she read out loud throughout the video. "This is question and answer game, featuring my boyfriend’s answers," Brown explained. "There you go. I have a boyfriend."

ICYMI: After weeks of dating rumors, Brown confirmed she and Woolard are an item by making their relationship Instagram Official on Valentine’s Day.

This video marks the first time she’s really opened up about it since then and, oh man, it does not disappoint. I have highlights for you below but, before I dive into those, you have to understand how gushy she was the whole time. She literally could not stop smiling and would pepper all of the questions with quotes like, "he’s honestly the nicest person ever," and "what is wrong with me? I feel so… just awesome."

So, yeah. It’s safe to say she’s pretty dang into him. And, after hearing all her quotes throughout the video, I see why.

On where they’ll be taking their first trip:

This was the first question and Brown guessed he’d say Paris because, as she later noted, "I have never been and he loves it. I think it would just be really magical."

Lo and behold, she read his answer to find that "he also said, ‘Paris because she’s never been.’"

On who made the first move:

So, this one seems to be a little confusing. Technically speaking, Brown made the first move because she liked a picture of him. But he says he’s the one who made the first move and Brown actually agreed, to a certain degree, because he was the one who made "an actual move that made raucous."

On their dream date:

"Every date is so great… dream date, I just want to travel with him, so I think that’s what he would say but I don’t know," Brown gushed before reading his answer.

So, what did he say? "He said, ‘anything with her. Seriously. Corny but true,’" a bashful Brown read, before adding "I’m telling y’all! He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met."

On what he likes to call her:

"He said, ‘Star. Driven. Inspiring,’" Brown revealed when reading what three words Woolard would use to describe her. "I knew he was going to say something… about shiny, star because I’m his star."


On his "least favorite thing about" her:

The guy loves Brown so much that he couldn’t even think of any real attributes of hers to dub his least favorite thing about her. Instead, he just said it was her "dishwasher." Brown didn’t seem too upset by this response, saying "he’s really good. He does the dishes every day. Like, what? I think he’s a creature that, like, I don’t know what he is, but I like this specimen. He’s great."

(But, on the real, he did later say that the quirk he "finds annoying" about Brown is that she doesn’t close the cabinets or turn the lights off.)

On their getting ready routine:

This topic came up when they were answering who takes longer to get ready. While he simply wrote, "hahaha," they did both seem to agree that it’s Brown.


But her long getting ready process seems to be a bonding process for them. "He has to help me get ready. He picks out my clothes for me," she revealed. "I’m not kidding, y’all. He’ll be like, ‘hey, I don’t know if that blue goes with that red you’re wearing’ and he will go and help me make a cute outfit. He’s so stylish and, even though it takes me a long time, he’s just patient. He’ll just sit over here, turn on Spotify, drink a glass of wine, wait for me, and then look better than me because he’s so hot. UGH!"

On what she’s taught him:

Brown guessed he’d say something like "it’s OK to be messy" or "silly." But, instead, he went mega cute and said, "how to fall in love."

Brown was floored by the sentimental response saying, "oh my GOD. what? … that was so sweet."

On their first date:

Woolard was the one who asked Brown out and they met at a Mexican restaurant in Venice Beach called Cholita for margaritas.

Brown didn’t put much thought into the first date and iconically showed up in a sweat shirt and tennis shows and was a bit frantic after having seen him.

Luckily, he was into her frantic vibe. "Effortlessly beautiful and vibrant and a little frantic, but so beautiful," he said of his first impression of her. "An instant spark."

Brown loved that response so much that she vowed she was going to "keep" it.

On the things he loves about her:

There’s a lot. But, specifically: "her energy, faith, smile, drive, and her constant focus on self growth."

Oh, also, "her heart."

On the romantic things he does for her:

Of the two of them, they both agreed he’s the more romantic one. So much so that Brown gushed "everything [with him] is just like… an enchanted movie or something.

Specifically, Brown said he does a lot for her. In fact, she said she believes her love language is acts of service because he’s just always serving her "with love."


On whether he’s seen any of the shows she’s been on:

OK, so he’d never seen The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Dancing With The Stars. But Brown does make him watch clips of her getting her groove on in the latter.

"I made him watch some Dancing With The Stars videos," she revealed, before adding with a. laugh that "he’s not the biggest fan."

On their love:

When asked what the nicest thing Brown has ever done for him, Woolard said "finally opened up to the idea of loving me."

Like, are you kidding? I get why Brown is so gushy about this guy.

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