Halsey Shares Gruesome Horror Version Of ‘Manic’ Cover

Halsey took to Twitter on Thursday (October 29) to share a couple of gruesome pictures to celebrate Halloween.

One of the pictures is a version of the cover art of her Manic album. In the Halloween edition, her face features a bloody hole instead of her right eye. “MANIC, but make it Horror,” she captioned the pic.

Another picture is an interpretation of Emily the Corpse Bride in Tim Burton‘s eerie 2005 film. Halsey captioned the pic, “It takes my breath away! Well it would if I had any…,” referencing a line from the movie.

Replying to a question by a fan on whether she did the make-up herself, Halsey said, “yes!!!!”

To another question on how she brings about these effects on her face, Halsey wrote, “Honestly I was obsessed with the show Face Off in high school and learned how to do a lot of SFX with YouTube tutorials!”

“Combined with having to learn on the fly for music videos and stuff,” she added. “Like all the SFX for the injuries in the HFK era videos are done by me!”

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